Nordri vs Voldnik vs Gato

Hello guys ! As i finished my first 5* id like to chill out a little bit and start maxing some useful 3* star that are parked in my roster .

My blue choices are Nordri, Voldnik and Gato.

My already maxed blue Gunnar and Valen .

Which would suit the best for future events , challanges and Tournaments ?

Im leaning to maxing Gato first but Nordi elemental def down is tempting too

I have two nords maxed and working on a 3rd.

For the event challenges, his animation slows you down and even when he dies there is an animation of sorts that slows you down. So he may not be great for this use case.

For raid tournaments, the guy is a wrecking ball. Stack him with costumed brienne and you have absurd damage for 3* heroes.

I dont have Voldnik and never bothered to keep Gato. His name bothers me, he should be a cat or something.


I wonder Who works better between Gato and Voldnik in terms of pure damage.
I have seen mono gato teams but i cant remember if Voldnik was used for ranking in some challanges

It won’t take you long to max a 3 star so I’d do gato then nordri, as you have valen him and gato work well together.

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