What to do with blue

I have kiril and gato kinda maxed
I have karil at 2/30 but have valen and ulmer who I ain’t touched! Aswell as Grimm and Athena
But it’s more the 3* should I feed karil to ulmer or valen as they be more useful as I still want at least a 2 decent 3* at this point in time?

Never feed a leveled hero, but more hero slots instead. You may want to use a mono team of blue in a 3* raid tournament with green color banned.

As for order could pause Karil and do him last. I would do Grimm first now if you have at least 3 Warm Capes.


If you’re still fairly new and still working on getting a good batch of 3* heroes, then I’d suggest working on Valen instead of Karil. His single-target damage and defense reduction will serve you better in the long run.

Grimm will also be worth leveling.

I think eventually you will end up feeding Karil away to someone better - I did. Kiril, Grimm, Athena… those will be priorities eventually, and holding onto a maxed Gato and Valen should be good enough for 3* stuff you’ll want to do.

That’s my two cents, anyway. :slight_smile:


Thank a lot! I will do Grimm but i ain’t got mats atm, plus from what I read it’s good to have two decent 3* so I level valen! As Kril i can’t ascend so it’s got a free blue two level!

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