Challenge Event Team Help

Looking for some help on my challenge event teams.

For my blue rare team, I currently have: C.Gunnar, Nordri, Gato, Valen, Karil+CB.

I will be replacing Valen with a 2nd Gato.
Question 1: Will it be better to replace Karil+CB with a 3rd Gato?

Gato does 300% dmg with 516 attack stat.
Karil+CB does 260% dmg to target and “minor damage to nearby” at 508 attack stat.
I don’t know how to compare the damage output of the two, especially since Karil does an arbitrary “minor damage to nearby”. I’m not sure if that is more or less dmg than Gato once the enemy has elemental ice defense down from Nordri and defense-down/spirit link from C. Gunnar.

Since Knights of Avalon is coming up and blue is reflected, I was thinking of making a green team in addition to my traditional red event team (multiple Namahage).

Currently, I’m thinking it will be: Costume Brienne/Costume Isshtak, Berden+CB, Mnesseus x3.

I’m still waiting to see if I will get any Hisan from Sands but I think I will still use Berden+CB and Mnesseus b/c they do more direct damage based on the calculation by @Guvnor.

Question 2: Will it be better using C.Brienne or C.Isshtak for defense down on this team?

I know Guvnor prefers C.Brienne, but I wanted to get another opinion. C.Brienne can lower defense further than C. Isshtak, but C.Isshtak does damage unlike C.Brienne. I’m not sure how to weigh the two.


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@DaveCozy or @TheChef can prob help yah out :+1:

Step one… Ideally, pair up cGunnar with AoE instead of snipe - more total damage means more damage per target when spirit link is on them.
Nordri works great already and Gato isn’t without his uses, especially if you can get Chick Jr in there? Failing that, regular Karil with or without bonus

If you’re going to run snipers, you ideally want to dispel the spirit link (ummmm), or swap out cGunnar for Ulmer for some stages.

Lots of useful stuff here…

I still love regular Brienne too, especially with costume bonus - you could run both, with Brienne as attack boost and isshtak as defence debuff Then run one less mnesseus?
(Personally I’ve used regular AND costume Brienne together - already having both made me unwilling to bother with ishhtak, although scores could potentially be better that way).

Plenty of interesting green options these days!

I would go c. Brienne and additionally use Ishhtak with CB. You can cap c. Brienne’s defense drop by using mana pots to spam vanilla Ishhtak’s skill and he hits harder too. Both together will be incredibly helpful for triple bosses.

For the other 3 spots use your Berdens, Mnesseus and Hisans (if you get one this Sand Empire I’d recommend him as he has the 2nd best tile damage in green 3*s)

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Unfortunately I don’t have Chick Jr.

Will Karil+CB do more damage than Gato when the enemy is spirit linked? I don’t know how to compare Karil with Gato b/c Karil does “minor damage to nearby enemies”.

Hmm, that interesting to use C.Brienne with Ishhtak+CB. I hadn’t considered that because I was only thinking of damage output. I was thinking of using arrow/axes to cap C.Brienne’s defense drop.

Since I don’t have a green spirit link and can’t use C.Gunnar on Blue reflect, I think I will go with your recommended:
C.Brienne, Isshtak+CB, Berden +CB, Mnesseus x2 (or hisan if i pull him)


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Answer 1. Gato

Answer 2. Original and costume Brienne maxed.

I am debating on lvling up isshtek costume and karil too. What did u decide to do and how did you like the outcome?

For mono red I used: Namahage x3, Ei-Dunn, Azar+CB.
For high levels, I used 4-1 red stack: C.Brienne, Ei-Dunn, Namahage x3
(usually I would use C.Gunnar instead of C.Brienne but Blue was reflected for Avalon)

For mono green I used: C.Brienne, Ishtakk+CB, Berden+CB, Mnesseus x2.
I will be replacing a Mnesseus with another Berden+CB.

I placed top 1k rare for the past 3 challenge events.

Karil+CB is decent but I’m not still not sure regarding his damage output relative to Gato (assuming after enemy has spirit link, defense down, and ice defense down from C.Gunnar and Nordri). Karil does 260% dmg to target and “minor damage to nearby” which apparently is 130% dmg to nearby.

Regarding Isshtak for event teams, I would only use him if you already have C.Brienne. Mono green is somewhat more limited in usage (mostly Knights of Avalon but you could make it work for some stages of other events depending on enemy color). Mono blue with C.Gunnar and Nordri is probably the best rare team at the moment.

edited: fixed what i wrote earlier b/c I thought u said Kiril instead of Karil.

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Thanks for the details! Going to level up karil (mistake him for kiril alll the time) and isshtak too as they will all have their uses in different stages

Gato does 300% dmg with 516 attack stat.
Karil+CB does 260% dmg to target and apparently 130% dmg to 2 nearby at 508 attack stat.

I think that if you are facing 3 enemies in a challenge event wave, Karil should yield more overall damage output than Gato with his special.


Argument for Gato over Karil tho is:

  • Speed (Fast mana vs. Average)
  • Status Ailment Protect; particularly useful if you’re using Chick Jnr

Average speed is not that big of an issue for challenge events imo b/c you can use mana potions. Plus C.Gunnar will be slow and Nordri will also be average speed. I don’t have Chick Jnr yet so the status ailment isn’t that useful for me.

Currently, my mono blue event team will probably be: C.Gunnar - Nordri - Karil+CB - Gato - Gato

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Well, other than what @Guvnor has pointed out why Gato is the hero, is that his massive skill damage output may result to a sure kill. Sure, CKaril may damage 3 but may not kill any of those 3. Translate this to legendary heroes and you would get a Magni vs CRichard. Most players would agree they would prefer to max the sniper.

But in your case, I see your logic why you prefer CKaril over a 3rd Gato.

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