Jarvur or Vodnik

Im trying to trim my roster to 5 blue 3* heroes. Right now i have cGunnar, Valen, Nordri x 2, and Gato maxed out. I got vodnik and was thinking of replacing one of the nordris… then i got jarvur and now i am thinking which heroes i should keep.

The 5 blue heroes will mainly be used for events and tournaments, not for raids/wars/titans.

Thank you.

Hmm, thats a tough one. I think I’d lean towards Vodnik.
Vodnik has potential to do up to 400% dmg although his attack stat is only 439.
Jarvur does 265% with 495 attack and gets 10% attack buff each time he fires. Realistically in challenge events and tournaments, you’ll only be firing his special like 2-3 times max so thats 20-30% attack buff.

Also, I would also maybe replace Valen if you’re using C.Gunnar for challenge events b/c C.Gunnar has a better -def%.


I was considering dumping valen and one of the nodri for both vodnik and jarvur.

That would certainly work well for challenge events. In tournaments, Valen still has some merit since he’s fast speed and you may not want to bring C.Gunnar offensively outside of rush-attack tournament.

Don’t think too much of it. It’s fast to level 3* heroes and you don’t need ascension mats. Just level both of them. Depending on your food/recruit situation, you can probably max out a 3* in couple of hours with TC19.

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You probably don’t need 2x Nordri.

I would keep both snipers & drop off one of the Nordri (so 6 total). If you are hell-bent on dropping one, I would drop Jarvur. It’s pretty hard to get his stack up to +10 so you are unlikely to ever get full benefit from his effect.

If you can pick up a second Gato, I would keep the dupe Gato’s and drop Vodnik.

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Unfortunately i have had upto 5 gatos and foolishly fed them all. Only to realize later on that his snipe-protect is very useful.

How does Jarvur’s special skill dmg compare to Vodnik’s? It’s somewhat hard to compare due to variables both on Jarvur’s side from stacks and Vodnik’s variable % dmg depending on enemy mana.

Is Vodnik’s 280% base dmg with 439 attack more than Jarvur’s 265% base dmg with 495 attack?

I personally actually like Karil+CB for challenge events b/c his hit-3 pairs well with Nordri. I agree with dropping a Nordri tho; one is sufficient.

@e-man I realize that you are trying to keep a “neat” and clean roster without a lot of dupes. But I have found it very useful to keep 2 of each of the more commonly used 3* heros and 1 of each of the rest. With the different 3* tournaments (buff, blood and rush), the rare challenges and the various other events, I have utilized a lot (If not most) of my 3* heros at some point in time. It may be worth spend a few gems to expand your roster. The heros that are being mentioned are all viable heros to have. I have occasions where I have run 2 Nordis especially in the tournaments where no green are allowed. Good luck! :wink:

From a dmg output perspective, you’re probably better running 1 Nordri and 1 Karil+CB. I guess 2 Nordri’s can work if you’re afraid 1 is going to get killed before firing. Or if you want to give ice def down to all 5 enemies at once, which I find unnecessary.

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Totally agree @B1gHeadAss! I have been lazy and I haven’t done any of the 3* costumes yet! :scream:

Is this karil with costume bonus?

I dont think i will have roster space (or the gems) to keep this up. Haha!! I dont really gun for high ranking spots in challenges/tournaments, my goal is to finish challenge events either with mono or 3-2.

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Yea CB = costume bonus

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I have two de emblemed, wouldn’t feed either away. Karil however…


I’d run two Nordri if you’re using cGunnar… Over Vodnik or Jarvur (have Vodnik still, Jarvur turned out to be 3* Mireweave and got fed away, maxed).

With spirit link, hitting multiple targets is better - overall damage output (if you add up) is going to be higher than a hit one, so when you’ve shared it out you’ll be sharing more by using multi-hitters so each target will take more damage.


If you want to compete in the events, you will have no time to charge and fire Jarvur multiple times, neither will bosses have enogh mana to have full benefit from Vodnik (maybe on last 3-4 stages they will, but most likley it will not be a good run for the high score). But if you want just to complete, I would lean towards Vodnik, although I think mono is not the best option for it.
My blue team for the events rare is c. Gunnar, Nordri, Gato, Chick Jr, Gato. I don’t think you should be running c. Gunnar and Valen in the same team, because they cancel out each others defense down (c. G - 44%, V - 34%). Karil with costume bonus is also good option for the events.

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I agree… leaning towards feeding valen off and keeping cGunnar.

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