Roster improvements, Gormek, Nordri and Bjorn

I am currently reviewing my heroes I have either not started or not maxed.

I have Gormek at 3/60 with plenty of blades to take him to level 4.

I also have Nordri and Bjorn not started yet, I haven’t levelled them as I have 6 maxed 3* enough to cover the tournaments and quests.

I have gato and tyrum maxed that they could replace.

Are these 3 worth maxing ?

Nordri and Bjorn are among the best 3* heros. Nordri is great even for titans (-57% defence against ice, so excellent for
red titans), Bjorn’s second slash is awesome - one of the strongest in 3* world. I maxed two copies of each, will see if I need more.
P.S. Having just six 3* is not nearly enough - for challenge events, tournaments… You need more choices for better scores. Hitters, healers, buffers… Just like 5* teams. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input, I’ll put them on the to do list

Nordri is a very big hell yes level his bacon. He is my only ice elemental defense down since I lack Frida and Arthur. I intend on taking him to +20 since he is gonna be going into difficult content for a while. Bjorn I cannot speak for as I do not have him.

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I have both and both are very useful. I actually maxed 2 bjorns because it like getting 4 hits on the enemy, with the second hit often being the final death blow for the enemy.

Of the three listed, Nordri and Bjorn are definites when you get to them

Gormek is less clear. If you lack pulverisers generally, and don’t have Wilbur, he is handy. But he is one of a few four stars that become pretty irrelevant when you get to having 20+ maxed fours and 10+ maxed fives. He simply doesn’t make the cut, like Chao for example (we’ll sure, he makes a tactical cut, but you know what I mean). So if you are mid game you might get a few months use out of him, but if you’re closer to end game then he isn’t very compelling

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You need full blue and red stack of 3s for events and some good dark and yellows (bane,kvasir,bjorn,baltazar,tyrum etc).

Good green team doesnt hurt for tournaments either.

Both nordri and bjorn are worthy to have at least 2x each

Awesome feedback everyone, thank you for your time

TS asking about 3*, so Gormek will be pretty usable for a long time.
He was my first 4*.
Now I have 15 fives and 40 fours, Gormek ain’t tier 1, but still usable in wars and events (and much better that other pulverisers when unemblemmed).

I disagree. Tiburtus, and definitely Grimm, are better in my view. Gormek is just a big slab of meat.

But that could be a difference in playstyle

The threes shown are useful forever, but I don’t think Gormek is. Especially he suffers by comparison if you get Wilbur

No. He’s big slab of meat with crucial debuff, and that’s changes everything. Grimm is to squishy to survive enough.

Perhaps my experience is coloured by the fact that the only one of the three I have used regularly for probably six months, is Grimm, and he is at +18.

It’s up to the OP how to proceed. I just don’t love Gormek, and I don’t regret that :wink:

I use all of them (+ wilbur, white rabbit and isarnia) in wars.
+20 Grimm is better than +20 Gormek (and even +5 Isarnia), but +0 gormek is better than +0 grimm ), and I can’t have +20 in every team.

That’s great, sounds like a nice line up.

One wonderful thing about this game, one if it’s strengths, is that there are many different ways to play, and many different views on heroes. More power to you

Tbh I don’t use either of them much… Grimm is too squishy without emblems (and he’s not getting them off BK and GKong) and Gormek is made completely redundant by Wilbur (who sits at +19 permanently because of BK synergy).

If I wanted one or the other it’s a question of whether I want them to survive (Gormek) or I want the tile damage (Grimm)… But mostly it’s a colour question and you take whichever one the situation calls for.

If you pull at Atlantis, don’t do Gormek as Wilbur is better… If you’re F2P, then go ahead, you’ll find plenty of uses for him.

Also on the 3*/4* thing… Yes you want depth, but hero’s that bring more out of your others are also valuable.
Depending on options and pulling tendencies, I’d probably go ahead with Gormek (red feeders only) at the same time as Bjorn and Nordri.

To come back to the original question. I agree, Nordri is impressive. I can’t judge Bjorn. But your Gormek is not far from full level and is quite helpful, so I would start with him. It also depends on what your war teams look like (do you have enough?) And which colors or classes you need in addition for the different quests. You should also consider that. By the way, I would not replace Gato, but complement him.

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