Which red hero is the best?


Collecting elements goes very slowly. That’s why I have a question who to improve from the red heroes 4 * to max? I have Colen, Lancelot and Gormek 3/60. The main team is still Wu Kong, Grimm and Rigard 4/70. I am asking for opinions :slight_smile:

Sir Lancelot: he can stack with Wu Kong and you don’t have Boldtusk or Kiril.

Personally colen worries me the most when i see him. Make sure i try to kill him asap. Other 2 meh.

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I agree about Colen, when I face him on a 4* team I make sure to kill him asap

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I always base who i want on who scares me the most on raids

I have Kiril. I’m doing it slowly. I thought about Colen for the defensive team.

I have most red heroes in 5*
Guardian Kong
Santa Claus
What do you recomend to lvl uo ?

I use colen for now in my defence team and he is doing well

Rigard, Colen, Wu Kong, Caedmon, Grimm. How would you set up my team?

I would go with S. Lancelot myself. Mana up helps anyone (healers included).

Wu Kong | Rigard | Kiril | S. Lancelot | Grimm

Or if you want rainbow team with more offensive power:

Wu Kong | Caedmon | Rigard | S. Lancelot | Grimm

Note that I specifically set up Lancelot next to a healer and an attacker. I would not use him as a tank myself; even with his Revive talent, he is still very frail.

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