Ninja defense?

I just got Cobalt, which I’m very happy with! Also got Garnet and Onyx maxed, so the ninja event has been quite nice to me :slight_smile:

Then I get full family bonus for them if I use them in defense.

My defense now:
Seshat +20, Magni w/costume +20, Heimdall +20, Jean-Francois +20, Joon w/costume +20
This defense keeps me between 2500-2600 trophies.

Should I change to the following?
Onyx, Cobalt, Heimdall, Garnet, Joon

In that case I have to move emblems from Jean-Francois and Seshat. Is it worth it?

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I’d use cobalt and garnet, but keep seshat where she is. I know the bonus is tempting, but seshat is so much better on defense than onyx.

Definitely go for the Ninja defense since you have 3. They’re great. You could even consider swapping out Heimdall for some more damage, and putting Garnet at tank.

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I m going for this …

I faced teams like this and dodging tiles makes a difference.


Yeah that would work well very well.

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Those teams are a nightmare. BK in place of Garnet also works.

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So I should go with ninja defense then, with Garnet as tank? What green flank should I use?:

Onyx - Cobalt - Garnet - Francine/Kingston - Joon

I was thinking of using Onyx/C. Kadilen/Garnet/Cobalt/Mica.


Use a red tank at your own risk! Imo i eat them daily at a minimum of 80% win rate using
3-2 blue and purple team no matter who else is in lineup.

Raids at the diamond level are all board specific and you want to use a team that punishes a bad board and i think the ninjas achieve that, although i have a harder time with the black night set ups over the ninja ones. But that is 1 player.

tough defense. is your cobalt full attack path?

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Yes…i think cobalt is a killer and so he should stay.
Same for onyx

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If you have multiple ninjas and C Kadi on defence , that’s basically a shadow team. Your foes will be swinging and hitting air.

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