Costume Kadilen with 3 ninjas - a good current option?

My current defense team is Onyx, Frigg, Bera, Garnet & Mica. All at full talents.
I now pulled costume Kadilen and thought that adding her with 3 ninjas would make a whole lot of dodge happen.
This would be fun but would it actually make anything better?
I’ll probably level her up regardless but I would like some input anyway.

Who should I replace with her on my current team? Who should tank?

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Can’t speak for ninjas but that costume Kadilen is just evil, that shimmy team dodge equals despair in my book. :frowning_face:

It’ll be a fun and highly annoying defense no doubt, but it’s a bit lacking in killing power since Frigg and Onyx would be your only hitters, with Bera doing her “death by a thousand minions” thing.

But hey what’s the point of this game if you don’t experiment a little and have some stupid fun sometimes right? I say go for it, see how it holds up, and report back the results if possible. I’ve certainly put out incredibly stupid defense before (like alternating R-G-B or pure yurple) just for the hell of it. Sure I end up losing more cups and revenges but hopefully my opponents appreciated the humor in it (most probably not, but oh well c’est la vie)

Btw I have Garnet Cobalt Onyx, and just pulled cKad from the most recent costume chamber. Once I get cKad to +18 in a few hours, maybe I too should try this annoying af defense just for the trollololol factor. Probably go something like Onyx-Garnet-cKad-Cobalt-cJoon/Roostley

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