Add ninjas to my defense

A few weeks ago I was lucky to pull Krampus and Santa and you guys helped me a lot in forming a new defense.

Now it’s time again and I was lucky enough to pull both Garnet and Cobalt in about 25 pulls.

Current defense.

Liana+18 - Jean-Francois+12 - Odin+18 - Magni+12 - Clarissa+6

Garnet is the first ninja to level, she is almost at 4.80 now. With her, I plan to change the defense to.

Liana+18 - Odin+18 + Garnet+18 - Magni+12 - Clarissa+6

Next, I have to choose between Krampus and Cobalt, I don’t have the scopes yet so will have to wait. I am leaning towards Cobalt. A frontline containing both Garnet and Krampus seems way to passive to me. And Cobolt looks like a beast both in offense and defense. Krampus and Garnet are also both sorcerers.

The options with either Cobalt or Krampus are:

Lianna+18 - Odin+18 - Garnet+12 - Krampus+12 - Clarissa+6

Lianna+18 - Odin+18 - Garnet+18 - Cobalt+12 - Clarissa+6

The main weakness in my opinion is that I lack a green flank. Should I level (non-costumed) Kadilen or flank Liana?

Clarissa+6 - Odin+18 - Garnet+18 - cKadilen+12/Liana+18 - Cobalt+12


I’d go with Krampus; as taunt is a whole new mechanism that will help you do more with the heroes you have — and can drag out things enough to get those 2x and 3x hits

Committing to multiple ninjas is cool, and the dodge bonus is great — comes down to play style

Have to have faith that ninjas don’t get clipped —

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After the Krampus fires up to +50 attack he can do a really good job! I strongly recommend Krampus: slight_smile:

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Po odpaleniu się Krampusa +50 do ataku potrafi zrobić naprawdę dobra robotę! Mocno polecam Krampusa :slight_smile:

Krampus is very usable on offense at 3/70, cobalt isn’t. I’d max cobalt personally as he’s a great defender and great on offense… a garnet tank doesn’t need another passive hero like Krampus, she needs hitters. Just my 2 cents.

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Krampus isn’t great on defense; I don’t think I’ve lost to one yet.

Cobalt continues to make me very angry when I face him.

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I’m gonna tell you right now , Cobalt over Krampus hands down. Especially if you have more ninjas in your lineup. The strongest teams I’ve face have at least two ninjas on them and at least an Odin +Frigg or C Kadi. Ninjas have a family bonus to dodge , which is very annoying. They also fire the closer they are to die or keep charging till x3. Cobalt at x3 charge will annihilate a whole team or get close. Based on your heroes, the team I’d build would have Garnet at tank, flanked by Odin and Kadi and Bera and Cobalt on the wings . If you get Onyx and Frigg they would replace Bera and Kadi, but C Kadi would be a beast there as well.

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Totally agree. I don’t want two passive defenders in the frontline.

Thanks for good input.


Welcome, best of luck

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