Ninja defense help

I was fortunate to pull a ninja defense. Cobalt, Onyx, Garnet. But I have to many ideas who would partner best with these ninjas on defense.

My other worthy defensive type heroes include


Drake Fong
White Rabbit
Sir Roostley
Costume Justice

Costume Magni


Custome Marjana
Ladi Loki

Do I go strictly rainbow and try…

poseiden, onyx, garnet, atomos, cobalt (atlantis family bonus)
kingston, onyx, garnet, drake fong, cobalt
onyx, kingston, garnet, justice cb, cobalt

Double a color for strongest characters…

onyx, costume magni, garnet, cobalt
onyx, garnet, sir roostley, killhare, cobalt (springvale family bonus)

My mana troops are just getting started. Highest is at level 17 and I have ninja troops for extra attack if needed for the ninjas. Many thanks for the suggestions.

Generally Yellow, blue and purple are out of contention :stuck_out_tongue:

Best option is to tank Garnet with Cobalt & Onyx wings (Onyx left, Cobalt right).

Then the best support options is Frigg & Odin at flanks. Frigg left, Odin right. That set-up is kinda the “gold standard” in top top top alliances.

Unfortunately you’re missing Frigg and Odin :stuck_out_tongue: I would say use Kingston & Drake Fong as the two replacements :slight_smile:

So the defence line-up would be:
Onyx - Drake Fong - Garnet - Kingston - Cobalt


That’s true. Guess I was just getting a little to cute with other possibilities. Much appreciated.

Guvnor gave you great advices, though I would add a little twist.

I would go Poseidon instead of Drake Fong. Reason?
Poseidon prevents enemy to mana block/prevent specials of your Ninjas… Since Ninjas sometimes charge to 3x, that takes time, so you wish to provide them this time… Otherwise, silly Proteus can be a pain in the …

Since we added sniper for splash dmg dealer, I would then add Atomos. Why?
Enemy will either have to target Atomos to not blast them into oblivion and thus giving time to ninjas OR, they focus Ninjas and give extra time to Atomos!

Both ways are WIN WIN conditions for you.

So my recommendation is : Onyx - Poseidon - Garnett - Atomos - Cobalt :slight_smile:

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Ahhh a little off the norm. I like that. Thanks! I still need to emblem Atomos. Would you go attack path then? At least the family bonus with Poseidon will give a little extra defense.

I would probably go Onyx - Onatel (mana manipulation is my favourite type of special) - Garnet - Heimdall ( think the annoyance of him freezing, plus overheating and attk boost wins for me over Kingston) - Cobalt

Interesting. I’ll try it out one day. Onatel is not yet leveled. Thanks.

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