Jabberwock, Onyx or Killhare?

Hi there, waiting for one more scope for Cobalt, in the meantime I am wondering which purple would fit best in my defence team: onyx killhare or jabberwock ?

The third ninja would maximise the bonus , but I am not so sure having three heroes firing following AI mood would be great :frowning: … and the other two are very good alternative …

Thoughts…? Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

The only one I have of the three is onyx , the question comes because I am wondering if it makes sense trying to pull the other two in these days with wonderland and Springvale or if it would be better to save my gems for season 4 :slight_smile:

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onyx since u have two ninja , one more will increase perdentage of dodging as family bonus…

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…not that you need the additional percentage since the ninja’s seem to dodge and counterattack 90% of the time regardless of how many you have on the defense :stuck_out_tongue:

I have none of these 3 heroes but I am not “too bothered” about facing Jabberwock, yet Onyx and Kilhare I really do hate to face, so one of those I would suggest; but as mentioned above since you have 2 other ninja’s use Onyx


Good advice above, Onyx for the stupidly common chance to dodge

I would not bother summoning for more ninja unless you lack the blue and purple 4* who are both worthwhile. Jade is poor and Mica is ok, but the other three are great to stupendous

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I notice you have outstanding area damage. If you use Killhare and she activates after your other heroes have already whittled them down, would anyone survive? If Killhare activation would be a near guaranteed checkmate, I think she’d be the way to go. I’m not experienced in facing meta teams like yours, so I don’t know what that would look like.


The three ninja setup with Frigg and Odin (or slight variations with double Frigg or C_Kadilen and Odin, etc…) is the most annoying current team in high diamond. Quick glance at the leaderboard and yep…highly represented there.

If you just had one ninja currently I might say Killhare slightly over Jabber, but since you already have two in there the third is the way to go, imo.

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If you have Jean-Francois, you can pair him with Killhare. and if JF is active when Killhare fires, you get defense boost for your team instead of defense down. But, as the others say, since you have Garnet and Cobalt, just go for the trio


Thanks @Photon , yes I have JF, but actually I go mono only on attack and I’m super happy with garnet in defence so Unfortunately killhare would hardly stack with JF buff :frowning: … as you said, probably onyx is the best choice :slight_smile:

Thanks @EarlVerdant , think I’ll go with onyx, seems to be the best choice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Luckman8 @notyou87 @Infinite thanks :smiley: . Seems you all are on the ninja , I’ll go with him :+1: … actually, today I was lucky enough to pull out jabberwock with coins gained in the event , so only one I miss of the trio is now killhare …

Anyway, I’ll go with onyx now , leaving jabberwock at 1 for the moment , and then I’ll try for killhare with epic coins on April :slight_smile: … if she’ll arrive I go with her next (more useful thnn jab for VF wars and tournament) , if not , i’ll go with the dragon :slight_smile:


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Thanks @Kadaxas :smiley:

Actually, I received one more tabbard today, I have 10 in total now . So I decided to go with onyx for now, and then I have all April to try to get killhare and 2 more tabbards to work on her too :smiley: … thanks for your help !

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Onyx for bonus but honest opinion, I think Killhare would make an even more powerful wing.

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@AirHawk agree :smiley: . But right today I received the 10th tabbard so finally I decide to ascend onyx first , and then trying to pull out killhare and one more tabbard (another one will come next weeke with rare event ) on April :smiley: … I was lucky enough to pull out jabber too this morning, with coins gained from the event, but it seems the place of the poor dragon is on the bench for now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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