Best possible defense team

Hello everyone,

I could need a big help from this great community. I am struggling to get the best out of my heroes to make the best possible defense.

Help would be great like for example:

  1. Backwards or something else
  2. Hero 1, Hero 2 …

Thanks a lot in advance :heart::heart::heart:

No one, can help ? Would be nice if people help

Do you have emblems you could put on either Onatel or C-Joon?

Sadly no Emblems for them

In that case, I would go (left to right) Cobalt, Frigg, BK, Norns, and Jabberwock. For regular defense formation that is. I am not knowledgeable enough on the other formations.

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Put me down for Cobalt, Frigg, Black Knight, Mushasi, Jabberwock

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In which formation? Backward ?

Based on a full rainbow emblemed team I’d go in a double formation left to right: Cobalt, BK, Frigg, Dr. Moreau, then Musashi (Replace with C. Joon when possible. It would be a taunt, accuracy down, def down, and beat down scenario.


Jag gave good advice but I always have trouble with backwards formations.

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Same. Reverse formations for me are the toughest. Double or reverse double is susceptible to hit 3 heroes…Hel and Proteus freeze the entire team for free board manipulation. Reverse frequently charges up several big hitters at the same time. Frigg + any other AOE is trouble.

For the OP: I’d go reverse formation with Frigg, BK, Musashi, Jabber, Cobalt.


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