Mica or Gazelle?

Please advise Mica or Gazelle I should ascend?

Yellow heroes that I have as below

Max: Odin,drake
3-70: Joon x2, bai Yeong


I have Miki at 3-70 for titan

Guardian Gazelle. She will make your Drake, 3/70 Joon and Bai hit harder and survive most hits. She’s so good I maxed 2 of her, one lightly emblemed, and has been in action separately in my 2 mono yellow teams in wars, regardless of the enemy tank.

Miki is Miki, however. You can use him at 3/70 up to 10* titans. Gazelle however not only can be used against most titans, but in all other facets of the game may it be raids, wars, maps, quests and other events.

Regrettably, Drake’s Element Link and Odin’s mana regen are lost to her Dance of Spirits. But you’ll see it is all worth it. The +5% attack and defense of an Element Link and mana bonus are nothing when your heroes hit twice as hard and receives only half the damage of what could have been a death blow.


You asked about Mica the yellow ninja not Miki right? Then my answer is this: i dont have a single 5* ninja but i do have Gazelle (waiting for darts), even at 3/70 she is very good, i would definitely level her up.

Thank you Mr. Sabaton

Thank you ultra

I will ascend gazelle

Gazelle is an absolute game changer

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