1st World Yellow Question

So I’m working on my 2nd set of 5* heroes, and Inari was my yellow hero priority over Justice and Leonidas. I have her all the way to 3/70, and was about to pull the trigger on her final ascension (I have 8 darts), but I just pulled Guardian Gazelle on a single pull using challenge tokens.

The question is, do I slam the brakes on Inari, and refocus on the shiny new hero? Her special seems…amazing to say the least, so long as I can protect her from getting killed.

My current maxed 5* are:
Ursena +8
Joon +7
Athena +7
Alberich +7
Gravemaker +8

I’m currently working to max:
Inari 3/70
Ariel 4/15
Kingston 4/60
Ares 4/63

I should note that I have the G. Jackal maxed +18, and him and Joon absolutely slay together. I was focused on Inari due to her high tile damage, and her synergy with Jackal to help keep him alive in titan fights. I think that Gazelle is more meaningful for titans due to her ridiculous attack boost.

Either way, I’m a few months out from getting 4 additional darts to max the next yellow, so I wanted to make the right decision.


Some beta testers have noted that Guardian Gazelle is sensational on offensive/attack teams as the attack buff and status protection for 4 turns is amazing. The 100% damage is also not substantial enough to cripple your team if she dies.

I would level the shiny new toy if you have the mats to take here all the way.


Thanks, I tend to agree since I leveled Inari purely for tile damage on titans. Would Gazelle’s special stack with Wu Kong, or should it be one or the other?

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I would think Gazelle would replace Wu & Ranvir as an attack buffer in most lineups. You drop 95% damage but get 100% hit.

I don’t believe they would stack because I think the attack buff and chance to miss from their special skills is considered a status effect which the dancer has immunity from.

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