Advice on holy 5*

I have gazelle right now at 3-70 and finally got my last set of darts. On that same day, I also pulled Malosi. Now I have no idea who I should use the items on. I have Neith and joon ascended at level 6 and jackal fully maxed as my main holy hero’s. Oh I also have mist at 3-60 who needs orbs as well. I. Have 8 orbs and 6 darts. Thanks guys

Malosi is like a utility hero with a good special but a very lessen attack (It seems like an emblemed caedmon or Sonya would hit harder than him).

Id ascend Gaselle if i were you without doubt .
Shes an excelent rated hero, i dont have it though i have heard good reviews from users about her


I have gazelle maxed and she is amazing. Totally worth it, you can bring her anywhere titans raid war and with any team (do not use her in defense, she’s an esay target to snipe). She is clearly a good choice: she makes all the rest of your party stronger, as long as she lives your heroes at 3-70 are well protected.

Now you still have 4 orbs, Id use them on mist for now, I havent used her but her def debuff + jackal’s yellow debuff + gazelle att buff I think you can do some serious damage to titans and on raids.

But hey, thats just my opinion


Thank you for the advice, I went with gazelle. Appreciate your info

Thank you for the advice, I went with gazelle. Appreciate the info

I think you made the correct choice. Gazelle is great. Even in defense, with higher emblems, if she fires, the attacker gets into trouble.

hope you’ll like her.

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