Help me with my next very rare yellow project... Please

Hi fellow players!

I’m facing a very big dilemma if you like and have no idea who to ascend next…

I only have 6 darts…

My max levelled yellow 5 stars are: Neith and (13 level to go…) Malosi… Hi will get some emblems…

So far so good…

1, I don’t care about raid defense, so skipp this option
2, my current WAR def team is the following:
C.Domitia (6), Mitsuko (9), Telluria (5), Neith (8), Vela (5)… I have Jean to replace Mitsu but so far she is better (small sample size)

This will do…

So about attacking:

I have the following 5 star yellow to ascend:

Guardian Gazelle

I do not have Vivica…

So my Yellow mono in war attack is the following:

Lady Woolerton (8), Jackal (20), Neith (8), Gretel (8), LiXiu (10)

Do you have any idea if I can squeeze Gazelle or Sif into my war def team?

Or which lady would serve as a long-time assistant in my Yellow mono?

(I usually mono in war but 3-2 is not far from my mentality… So if you say that "you must choose Horns 'cos of purple 4-1 I will give a think about it…)

Somebody likes Sif, I know that someone (can’t remember the name) was praising Norns as a 1 in a 4-1 purple…

So help me please guys and girls!

20 votes for guardian gazelle - norns is useless on defense, justice too slow, sif is ok but gazelle is far better


Thank you! I have Neith in my def team and she is doing a good job… (well I guess :)))

Neith is ok, average at everything, i wluld maybe use gazelle on defense team in heal aid wars

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Absolutely Gazelle. Not ideal on any defense, I’d keep Neith there. But she will help you a ton everywhere else.


Another vote for Gazelle (only for attacks)…absolute gamechanger there…

There is no chance i will put Norns or Gazelle on def… nor Malosi…

I’m only asking for attack…

Neith is the superior yellow defender… (Justuce:1=1) but still

I’m a huge Neith fun… so instead of saying: “Average at everything” you should have say : “Good enough at everything”

But yeah… you are right… but this is what i have been given

Gazelle shouldn’t be on defense. However, I do agree with everybody else. Guardian Gazelle is the best to level up next from the list you have.

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Yeah gazelle but sif is a good choice if your happy with your defence and sif not going to emblem then gazelle all the way.

Shakira, … sorry Gazelle got the darts… Sif next… half a year at least… thank you!!!

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