Next round of 5s

Played around with my options but like always I’m indecisive haha can you guys Help me out? (I play mono mostly)

Blue team:
Frida, Magni, Vela, Grimm+20, (c.Sonya/ c.Kiril)

Options: Rafaelle, Richard, Thorn, Isarnia

Leaning towards Rafaelle to replace Kiril (he’s the only option that would get emblems too)

Victor, Ursena, Clarissa, c.Sartana, C.Rigard+20

Options: Mok’ar, Quintus, Domitia, Obakan

Notes: was leaning towards Mok’ar to build a second war team with ursena, c.Tibs, c.rigard(x2) and ametrine.
Domitia makes me doubt cause average speed but dispeller

Team: Malosi, C.Viv, Jackal+20, Ranvir, Mist

Options: c.viv(x2), Malosi(x2), Neith, Leo

Notes: I’ve been waiting a while for a better yellow (there’s so many) but since I now have 12 darts on inventory I figured might as well use 6.
Malosi is awesome and a second one would replace Ranvir on first team (already leveling a third mana troop)
C.viv alone is enough to carry a second team of 4* in war
Read most of Neith’s threads and… still not sure haha maybe in the context of my team you can help me decide. I do like variety and have Xiu, justice (3/70), mist(x2) and Wu on my second team that work well together
Leo would only get darts if I ever get the costume

Shout out to the mods! Thanks everybody!

Blue: I go Raf and don’t look back

Purple: Mok could fit nice in a purple team, Do you plan on pulling costume? C-Domitia could give you good versatility (Ceanse/Dispel) if you get her costume.

Yellow: I fall back on costume pull, I think he might be featured in February? If you can get Leo’s costume it could be a game changer with elemental D down. If not I would say (unpopular opinion) Neith for variety and I feel she is better then people give her credit for. (Another thought is Thor is featured in Vallhalla this month if you pull there)


Depending on your team use

Blue - Rafa (no healer on your team)
Purple - Domitia
Yellow - None. If forced to choose, probably Leo due to being able to play last man standing. Neith can be a lifesaver if you need that extra turn to save your a$$.


My wish list for Leo costume:

That 50% mana cut from target would be gained by Leo.

Now that is something to be considered😂

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Thank you both, I’ve decided to take your advice and go for Rafa and Neith.

Still doubting on purple cause I like the idea of massive damage at average speed but I also know I won’t go wrong with Domitia. hopefully someone that owns Mok and ursena can comment on its effectiveness.

In the meantime maybe you guys can help me decide on green too. I didn’t post it cause I’m leaning towards waiting.

Maxed: Margaret, Evelyn, tellers
Options: C.elk, c.Horghall and Kadilen.

I think on a vacuum Kad is the better hero, I like the idea of fast combo Evelyn+elk(CB)+Margaret and c.Horghall for fast war sounds interesting. Honestly I’m hoping to get Lianna from TC20 or HA but it hasn’t happened in almost two years of two TC20s running full steam so… :man_shrugging: haha thanks again!

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Just a quick follow up, very happy with Neith, she pairs really well with mist and C.Vivica

Working on Rafa now

Still confused about green since I pulled Bertila. Thoughts anyone?

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I would wait until at least League of Villains. Lots of nice new heroes coming out. Don’t regret maxing a hero you’re not sure about now and wish you had the materials to max a newer hero in the future.

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