Another "who I level next" topic

Hello folks,

here’s my my current line up of 5s:

Soon I will start my third batch of 5s, would you please give some advices?

Here’s my options:

Red: Santa Claus, Azlar, Elena (with costume), Jean Francois, Khagan. I am inclined toward Santa, but my usual mono red (Falcon, Zimkhita, Anzogh, Wilbur, Colen) lacks of firepower so I’m also considering Azlar and Elena.

Blue: Thorne, Miki, Richard, Rumplestiltkin. I’m thinking about Richard, as I hope to get his costume. The only problem I have with him is that he’s a paladin, as Arthur and Aegir. Would strip the two to give all emblems to Richard?

Green: Morgan Le Fay and Elkanen. I hope I’ll get Telluria, otherwise I will work one of these two. Elkanen would work nice with Evelyn but Morgan tempts me for war defense, she can be quite nasty on the wing.

Purple: Ursena, Kageburado, Aeron, Grimble, Mokk-Arr, Domitia, Sargasso. I already started Ursena, next in line will be Kage.

Yellows: Leonidas and Justice. If I don’t pull a Joon with costume, I will move forward with Leonidas.

What do you think?

Thank you for your time

In my honest opinion, I would focus on the following:
Red - Elena costume is great but slow
Blue - Miki for Titan if not Richard, but I wouldn’t take emblems off Arthur and Aegir
Yellow - Joon if you get him. If not Leonidas before Justice
Green - wait to see if you get Telluria if not I would go with Morgan before Elkanen
Purple - finish off Ursena
The only other thing I would say is have a look at HOTM for April / May to see if you are better waiting
Good luck

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Red: Jean Francois, his ailment conversion is awesome
Blue: Miki for Titans
Green: Wait for a better option if you can/want, if not: Morgan
Purple: Ursena, still the #1 tank in the game imo
Yellow: Wait/hope for Joon, wouldn’t do either Leo or Justice


I have JF sat at 2/60. Didn’t take him much further because of all the bad press. So haven’t even used him.
Will now have another look to progress further. Thanks

I almost have materials for two 5s, Miki will be ny fourth blu, as sometimes we cross swords with 12* titans. It’s not regular but it happens more often, for now it’s ok and can wait.

Jean Francois… I read ¾ of the dedicated thread, I don’t think it’s what I need. MAYBE if he proves to pair well with Telluria (and, of course, if I get her).

I’m not in a total hurry, as I’m finishing some 4s first. But I think it’s time to make some decisions (I gave myself till the first days of April) and I want to get there with clear ideas.

One of my biggest doubt is between Azlar and Elena: I am a huge fan of Colen and I’d be glad to rock the pumped up version. Plus, he would have no competion for emblems.
But costumed Elena seems impressive.

I checked the next hero of the months and I don’t really think they are better options:

  • Maalosi: useful but situational, Leonidas’ self heal and mana cut always works.

  • Clarissa: no way I’m raisining any other purple before Kageburado, which was set aside just because I already have Seshat and Khiona

  • Raffaele: slow blue healer… actually seems nice, but I have also Aegir, Kiril and Triton. I need to pack a better punch with blues

The reason there’s bad reviews on him is because of 2 reasons:

  1. His first version in Beta was hella OP, people compare him to that, see the big nerf and assume he’s bad.

  2. After that, people compare him to GM, who does do more damage, but don’t take into account the extra defense against ice AND the ailment conversion (which might be my favorite “passive” SS of all time)

But just look at him as if he was your first red 5*, he’s really good. I even bring him on the same team as GM, just for the 2 parts of his SS that I mentioned above.


Slow doesn’t really cut it anymore in this meta. If you decide to go with either Elena or Azlar, you’d have to stack them heavily with emblems fully focused on defense and health.

I agree with @TheChef on JF, many overlooked his entire card and focus merely on his 2 turn burn. His defense status ailment protection for 4 turns is better than bad, it’s good. Not to discount his +94% defense against ice but that status ailment protection is where it’s at.

P.S Colen can be useful but not as useful as you assume. He’s slow (which slow hero’s have already been discussed above) plus he’s a bit squishy so it’s rare that he fires. There are many better hero’s to choose from.

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I know slow is a huge handicap, nonetheless the damage amount delivered by Azlar/Elena is considerable. As said, Azlar wouldn’t have competitors for emblems and I would give him mana troops.

Also I feel my red team, just as the blue, needs to punch harder. JF doesn’t do that and his special must be correctly timed to be effective.
Azlar and Elena are more “yay, click the button and nuke them”.

Colen is underwhelming at the point that I am but if you manage to make him fire, is always fun to watch. And Azlar does it better.

Last note: I better checked Clarissa, if she doesn’t get too nerfed I want her with Ursena. It would be really nasty.

The damage isn’t worth the handicap imo. Azlar was one of my first maxed 5*, but also the first that I’ve benched.

Do you play mono? Since you’re talking about your ‘red team’ and ‘blue team’. If so, JF doesn’t need to pack a punch, in fact, I’d argue that his ailment conversion can help you keep your team alive when you have a slightly inconvenient board.

Yeah, I usually play mono (mostly using my purple one), but I like to change.


Kiril, King Arthur +7, Aegir +5, Grimm +18, Sonya (costumed or not, depending on the opponent)


Guardian Falcon/Boldtusk, Zimkhita +11, Anzogh +5, Wilbur +19, Colen +1

Both don’t deal enough damage at least for me. Richard will be a good improvement for blues (especially if I get the costume), but I don’t think JF could give such a contribute. Plus I have Zimkhita, which cleanses… to me, is as good as (if not even more) the added protection. And also Anzogh gives a certain protection against Ice. But surely JF would allow me to stall a bit of needed.
Azlar would of course take the place of Colen, but sturdier and delivering more damage. The initial damage can’t be avoided, if the enemy has a cleanser that shoots after JF he won’t get the burns.
I know, it’s not his main purpose, but in a team that doesn’t hit very hard it’s a serious handicap.
I like also Elena, she would be more useful for titans.

Very happy update: I pulled Telluria and Alasie, and I just finished maxing Ursena :grin:

So, the new plan for my defense team would be: Alasie - Zimkhita - Telluria - Ursena - Poseidon

Some questions:

  1. At this point, no regrets in stripping emblems from Aegir and King Arthur, right?

  2. Best emblem path for Ursena?

  3. Shall I strip emblems from Seshat to give them to Alasie, or shall I leave the undead lady as she is and start from scratch with Alasie?

As usual, thank you for your advices

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