Help with 5* planning appreciated

I’ve got quite a collection now, and up until now it’s been rather easy to identify who’s up for those elusive 4* mats or emblems, but now I’m stumped.

Here my finished 5s and the ones who I believe are next line for mats:

Also have these guys and gals as runner ups:

In short - GM#2 should be next in line for rings right? And Seshat tabards?

Lianna and Magni no doubt for tonics and scopes.

Darts: help! Leo, Inari or Viv? No problem to start Inari, I’ve got time.

Emblems: first there was only Seshat and a given. Then came Athena and I decided emblems must go to her. Now Lianna too! Who’s the best choice?

For funs, what’s the best def to build from the above? Raid def with free pickings and war def with blue tank?

Raid Defense:

(Kage-Leo-Kunchen-GM-Poseidon) if you do Leo

War Defense w/blue tank:

Poseidon-Kunchen-Frida-GM-Kage maybe?


Thanks!! Haha that’s almost exactly what I have. Spot on for current war def, and current raid def is

You’re obviously a genius ;).

I’ve tried Ranvir for def and drop like a stone every time. He just doesn’t cut it there, unfortunately.

Who would you do for next yellow?

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Tough call on yellow.

Inari best on titans with her 800+ ATT. I don’t have her but I would think she’s good on offense too. I have had trouble facing her on defense at times too. So many dodges!

Vivica one of the only yellow healers. I use her on titans, offense and defense (until I can ascend Ariel)

Leo is decent but I feel like he’s a slight step behind the other two in overall usefulness.

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I’ll take Inari to 3.70 and go from there. Thank you :).

Viv, never hurts to have another 5* healer. I don’t think Leo is even part of the discussion.

I have Inari maxed, she’s ok but a gamble whether her dodge will work.

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No, Leo would only be for second yellow war team… can’t see myself bringing him on raids. Titans perhaps as the mana cut would be nice, but Inari has better tile damage and might help overall survivability.

I’ll take Inari to 3.70 and give it a think. Can see Viv being helpful but she’s just not exciting at all :>. Kunchen is my main healer and comes along on all raid attacks. For war I have BT, Kiril, Sabina, Mel maxed too (Viv used for last flag).

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