Ascending second 5s team

Good day ladies and fellas, the time to level my second 5s team has almost come. I have almost made my mind about who to ascend, but I would like to get also your advices.

My current 5s defense team is composed by:

Poseidon - Zimkhita - King Arthur - Evelyn - Seshat
All fully ascended and with various emblems.

My choices for the next team would be:

Blue: Aegir 4/33, Thorne 3/70, Miki 1/1, Rumplestiltkin 1/1, Richard 1/1, second King Arthur 1/1. I already started Aegir, then Miki till 3/70 for Titans

Red: Anzogh 1/1 and Azlar 1/1. I’d go for Anzogh but also Azlar tempts me for his insane AoE and DoT damage. Also I’m a big fan of Colen and use him quite a lot, Azlar is a pumped up version.
But I also think about the combination Wilbur, Boldtusk/Zimkhita and Anzogh… a nasty one. Considering also we usually run blue tanks in war, they could be nice flanks for Arthur/Aegir.
I’m t(h)orn(e)

Green: Kingston 1/1, Elkanen 1/1, Horgall 1/1. Kingston is my choice, though I liked the idea of having Elkanen pumped up by Evelyn

Purple: Khiona 1/1, Ursena 1/1, Domitia 3/70, Aeron 1/1, Sargasso 1/1, Obakan 1/1, Mokk-Arr 1/1.
My idea would be to ascend Khiona, as I also have around 400 Rogue emblems unused… I am thinking about using her as a tank, as Rogue’s evade ability is great in that role.
I think a nice raid defense would be Poseidon, Aegir, Khiona, Anzogh, Kingston

Yellow: Vivica 1/1, Leonidas 3/70, Justice 1/1. Also, soon there will be Neith, and I’ll try to get her, in that case it will be her and one of those three.
I would go for Vivica, although I’m disappointed by the costume, I would have preferred her to remain a cleanser rather than a dispeller.
What would be your choice in case Neith doesn’t arrive?
I am inclined to Leonidas, as I believe I have enough heroes that could act as a tank.

Last question, which raid defense would you set up?

Thank you for your advices

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Not many changes except replacing Arthur with Aegir.

Evelyn swap positions with Poseidon. Even if the color to flank blue is right, Evelyn is better to be on the left with Zim for cleanse and dispel.

Thanks for the advice :wink:

What do you think about those setups for tank and flanks?

Zimkhita - Aegir - Anzogh: everyone would take improvement from +25% attack from Zim. To be combined with healing from Aegir and Anzogh.
Also it would be a tank with tho opposite colors flanks

Aegir - Khiona - Anzogh: even if just to the heroes nearby, Khiona gives a much better atk buff than Zimkhita and deals a nice blow. Aegir and Anzogh would benefit greatly from it.
Also, Khiona is a rogue and may avoid enemies’ specials, a very nice feature for a tank.

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This one is a better front line IMO.

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