Next round of 5* advise

Blue: Raffa, Fenrir, Richard, Isarnia, Thorne

Reuben, Noor, Kestrel, Azlar, Helena, Khagan

Yellow: Leo, Uranus, Malosi2, c.vivica2

Mok’arr, Domitia, obakan, Zulag, C. Quintus

Lianna, Bertilia, C.Horghall, C.elk, Kad

Thank you all!

  1. Blue - Richard, Thorne (if you have a costume) or Raffaelle. I would chose Richard, because I like Frida+Richard synergy.
  2. Red - I would chose Kestrel. Fast and better than Reuben. Or if you prefer Wilbur-based Mono, then Elena (not Azlar, due to JF overlap).
  3. Yellow - Uraeus definitely
  4. Domitia or wait.
  5. Lianna.

Thanks Rilian, surprised about Richard or thorne, was already working on Rafa but just pulled Fenrir and made me pause cause I don’t have that many snipers. Certainly given me something to think about. Note: I do have monk emblems available

Was also leaning towards Kestrel but there’s so much talk about Noor that it made me curious about hearing opinions

What do you think about mok arr? been testing him at 2/49 with Ursena, c.Rigard, c.Tibs and ametrine and it works quite well

Mine purple team crigard ametrine mok arr c triburtus and onyx and mok arr work fantastic. I win easy teams with 4600 +

LOL, there is? Kestrel is the way to go. Forget about Noor.

Blue: Rafaelle. He is game changing when he goes off.

Yellow: Uraeus.

Purple: Domitia

Green: Lianna

The talk about Noor is mostly negative - unfairly in my view, but most of the strong feelings seem to be anti. I have her and like her. Niche use though; you probably would be better off to prioritise Kestrel or Elena as suggested above.

I still haven’t quite maxed my Raffaele but he’s looking good at 4.70-ish. Wouldn’t be in a rush with Fenrir, he’s kind of a luxury for well stocked rosters. Mine’s parked at 3.70 and will be for a long time, although he’s fun for clear-ups.

I don’t have strong feelings about the rest, except to agree that Uraeus is your best option at this point.

Fenrir is not a sniper. Fenrir is a finisher.
Why Richard or Thorne over Rafaelle? You do not seem to have hitters in Blue except Magni, it is disappointing. While Raffaele is game-changing healer on offense, but if you do not have someone who hit, his effort will be wasted.

Mok-Arr is good only in mono. Because I mainly play 3/2, for me Domitia is better.

OP does not have many hitters in Blue. I think he requires a hitter, and then Raffaele.

Raffaele if u don’t have Ariel. Fenrir if you have Ariel.
C. Elk or Bertila if u dont have Killhare.

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