Next purple, what a mess

My first thought was to wast my tabards in Mok-Arr, but I obtained Freya…mmm

I have Quintus (4/80), Clarissa (+4), Victor (+9), Domitia (4/80), and all valuable 4* maxed.

I have on my bench in 1/1: Mok Arr, more Clarissas and Quintus, Khiona, and now Freya.

I think Freya would be funniest but Kihona and Mok Arr in my opinion are great heroes.

Which would you max?

I agree that Mok ar can be useful. His aoe is devasting and in offense is an useful tool. I dont worry about the leftover damage .

Khiona hit seem to be a little underwhelming . But she has nice buff.

Freya would be the right choice to me. She will bring solid stats to a purple stack or even could work as an off colour hero in offense. Her minions looks solid and a nice addition to keep the team alive.

Do you plan to use emblems on any of them?


I would go with Khiona in your position but Freya is a good choice too.

Average speed on a sniper is kinda awkward but that aside she provides the best attack buff in the game to herself and nearby. Great against multi-hit skills which a lot of defenses are made up of now-a-days. Consider too that the only other hero who buffs attack in purple is cRigard (and Aeron’s element link I guess)

Freya is pure support, not really a bad thing. I think of her as a fast purple “healer” more-so, which is pretty good specially considering minions work in bloody battle. Those Ravens are fairly durable and her defense buff helps.

I don’t think you can really go wrong with either of them imo.

I do like Mok-Arr a lot since his last buff too, specially when I tested him and G. Chameleon together (he slapped Ursena for extra damage which was quite a fun sight). I do think that his weakness to not hitting purple is a big issue though but as an offense-only kind of hero, he shreds.


Freya is a good hero but she is a support hero who’s value increases if you have more synergistic heroes. I.e. if you throw her into a random team she is just OK, but throw her in a dedicated minion team (e.g. one with QoH and Puss) and she is able to show her true power.
As much as people poo poo on Mok-Arr he is particularly effective especially if you enjoy running mono to negate his drawback.
Khiona in my opinion is just OK. Her attack buff is nice, but is kinda redundant now with costume Rigard. As a sniper, she doesn’t hit particularly hard and suffers from being average speed.


Would be Freya.

I don’t have barbarian emblems due to all have been eaten by my BK. Khiona share emblems with Margo, Sif and Frigg, then probably I wouldn’t give emblems to Khiona.

On the other hand, I only have as druid Alby, I’m short of druid emblems, but Freya would be a good option to them.

That could be a good point to choose…I hadn’t thought about it.


I only have Telly as minion summoner, other thing I had thought is to include Freya in my defense team. But you are right, she shines with more minion summoners and I’m short of this kind of heros

Freya doesn’t make that much of a noticeable difference to Telly’s minion damage - they just go from weak to still weak.

Freya really comes to the fore either as a stall (to buy time for average or slow heroes to be ready - minion health plus defence buff at fast fills this role very well)…
Or with higher attack minions like Puss, QoH or Delilah (I have all three maxed, they play together really nicely).

I’ve often run Delilah and Freya in a 3-1-1 and they’re very effective together like that.


I love my Mok - he hits huge and his damage to your own team is really low… You’ll barely notice it, but it’s useful with beserkers (increases the attack of beserk status heroes) and in a couple of other niche cases.

He’s not viable on defence very often but that’s not particularly important.


Khiona… Beserk is great, her snipe may not be huge but there’s some significant synergy potential there.

If you wanted to build a longer term team… Mok and Khiona together as the 2 in a 3-2 or 2-2-1 where one of the other heroes is a spirit link (Wilbur or Aegir, realistically) can create a scenario where you wind up dealing huge damage.
Khiona plus Wilbur giving you spirit link means that beserk gets ratcheted up quicker on the heroes either side of Khiona - Mok might be one (since AoE benefits the most from it) and if you’re on the last turn and beserk isn’t maxed yet, firing Mok will make sure it is!

In fact, having a spare Guardian Kong (2 maxed) that team would probably roll something like Wilbur - Mok - Khiona - Kong#2 - healer

(For fun, I just ran this team on farming… Headshot 3 waves in a row, including boss wave :joy:)


I’d definitely do all three (Khiona is on my list of purples to consider next, purely because I have two maxed Wilbur’s and I’d run one with Khiona and Mok - the other always runs with BK and Guardian Kong).

Which to do first kinda depends on what you feel you’re lacking… Freya buys you time and improves durability, Mok deals punishing damage and Khiona provides boosted attack (preferably to AoE attackers!)


The other thing I’d say is that…

The increasing prevalence of minion casters has increased the value of some older HOTM’s.
Some because enemy minions help you (Khiona - lots of low damage hits really help get beserk maxed out).
Some because minions on your team help them (Athena - lots of minion scatterfire often means her defensive debuff gets ratcheted up faster).

Sometimes it’s useful to re-evaluate based on the current meta - an older hero might actually benefit from it…

And because older HOTM’s will always be rarer than the current ones, it might not necessarily be a trend you can follow - you need to think about what you’ve got and see what you think might happen!


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