J1mau needs advice - Defense, emblems, who to level?

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Max Gafar first, fast snioer is something what your purples needs.
You don’t have Tibs, I will max C.Cat for yellow titans if you like him.
Sabine after these guys.
Thot is nice hero IMO, I Will wait for 7-8 Tabards with hope for Sartana/Seshat before I will gave them to Thot.

Max Danza, he is good yellow 4*, Hutao after him if you didn’t get anything else.

First finish Scarlett ofc.
If titans are priority I will go with Elena, for pvp Anzogh is probably beter but I don’t see his as a dangerous hero in def teams.
Anyway, start you 5* when you will have at least 5 rings.
Before that max second Scarlett and Sumitomo after her.

LJ is very good green 4* (probably my favourite), max him after Caed, mix him with LiXiu for awesome combo in raids.
+he is perfect for blue titans, high atk and mana debuff
Kadilen isn’t so bad, you an take her to 3^70 for sure and then decide.

Alice, Kiril, secon Alice to 3^70

War team
Sonia-Proteus-Kash-Wilbur/Rigard-Danza(maybe Jackal for now or Wukong)

Something similar or just this team for def (try and tag me if this will suck)

Blue team
Should work pretty good, you can swap heronwith weakest atk for Wilbur if you have surviving problems.

Yellow team
Wu, Jackal, Danza, BT and Wilbur
My team look similar (3-2) and my dmg on purple 10* is between 15k-70k

2-3 TC20 is good idea for yellow 5*

If you don’t have hero for emblems just wait for hero.

Keep your gems for 10x on “refreshed event” with new heroes beacuse like you said, you have many heroes to work on them for now.

Nice rooster :slight_smile:


Thank you for the advices.
I am not truly in love with the Cat :cry:And apart from tile damage, he doesn’t really serve a purpose currently on my titan team : def down is covered by Wilbur and DoT by Proteus.
Landing Gafar kinda saved my SE summons :partying_face:. And i agree, being my only purple and cleric sniper, he will get some gloves. Also got tons on purple trainer gathering dust, so he shouldn’t be long to lvl.
If everything is going normally, i should have around 400-500 atlantis coins for the end of the month and another shot at Seshat, so will wait before giving anything to Thoth.

For yellow, no love for Chao? Even though my best ranger at the moment is Berden? Danza is at 3/60 for a couple of months and i am still hesitant to ascend him… Guess if Chao doesn’t get any love, it will be danza

Not ready yet for the 5*, but the question Elena vs Anzogh is on my mind for a while. Anzogh paired with Wilbur should be a good duo and nice healing number. Elena seems to have the edge on a defense team though.
Scarlet is far from maxed, so i still have time to make my mind.

Blue was the easy part :rofl:Kiril will be nice as apart from Wilbur, don’t have any other real buffer

Everytime i am ready to get on LJ, another green gets on the bench and bypass him. It might be the right time after Caedmon. With my gloves shortage, he might be more useful than a 2/60 Kadilen for now.

Will give a try about your defense suggestion and see how it goes.

So no more 3* training for now? Even with newly Hisan and Arman, Gil-ra or Ulmer?
I am not really into competing into events. A top 3k is usually what i aim for in rare.
And 3* raidT aren’t were i shine either

If you need Chao for trials max him before Danza.

You have pretty good maxed 3*, Gill-ra is good idea beacuse you weak on purple 3*.
Hisan is one of the best 3* IMO but Arman is average.
You can also max second Bane, Hisan, Muggy, second Gato, Ulmer and 2 more Namahages before 4* if you feel weak on 3* but you don’t really need this much IMO.

And when you will have many gloves I recomended Ameonna for titans, I gave her few emblems and with troops she have almost 1000 atk.

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Thanks for your advices.
I worked on second Valen, Cho-Chin, Berden and Melia in the last week waiting for what i could retrieve from my Atlantis and SE pulls.

I will see how i feel between Hisan and LJ. He might get bumped again :joy:
Just started Gil-ra when i landed Gafar this morning so she loss my short-term interest :nerd_face:
Good to know about Arman. I might level him in the future if i lack any other yellow project just for 3* very fast raidT… maybe.

Ameonna is actually in the same boat as LJ… Got her at the same time than Proteus. Than Sabina came in, Rigard and Thoth soon after. And now Gafar :rofl:
Leveling doubles for competing in rare events crossed my mind, although it would slow down my 4* war bench depth and class depth. And seeing as i am burning my WE flasks on AR, i might not have the resources to try a top 100 just yet.
Can’t decide to ascend Danza cause i am also so strong with rogue. Jackal, Kelile, Alice and soon Scarlet.
I might bring Chao to 3/60 and see how much gloves i have in stock.
As of now, seems like Scarlet and Gafar got the edge for the 2 i got, Kiril will get #3 and i should reassess after that.

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Sounds like your priorities are similar to mine in terms of building depth, especially for class quests and war.

I know that feeling with rangers. I have Tiburtus and Berden, and that’s about it. There aren’t a lot of classic 4-star rangers. I don’t even have Chao. If you are looking to improve in class trials, I think Chao has to get a look, because you can’t do much else to improve your ranger stable.

Been here recently, too, and I was really hoping to draw Gafar for that reason. You know what you have to do. Gafar was made for this.

That’s a lot of squishy. Why no red? Scarlett would be squishy, too, but you’ve got a perfectly good Gormek sitting there at 3^60. He has ridiculous HP, even if he doesn’t hit very hard. If you max and emblem him, he can be really hard to kill, and he should at least fire ramming pulverizer before dying, giving you that nice 6 turns of defense down. Bonus, you could switch out glass cannon Grimm and still get the def down effect.

I’m at about the same cup level, so I know Kashrek is beginning to reach the end of his shelf life there, but you do have him maxed. Why not go with him at tank? Would give you some healing and be more durable than Melendor. Also, you know I was about to advocate for a Danza tank here :smile:, but you are well-stocked with rogues, and I really do believe Chao is your best next option in yellow.

Considering your dearth of gloves, you have an excuse to put off this decision and see what else turns up, but…

I’m also a big advocate of playing what you have, not what you hope to get. I don’t have Toth, but if you do, and you like him, why not max him? He can’t be any less-well-thought-of than Thorne, and I’m not only going to max him, I’m pretty excited about it. Unless I had some really difficult to use five-star (Mok-Arr or, unfortunately, Atomos), I’d just roll with what you’ve got.

I think I would. You still have a lot of classic four-stars that could help that you don’t have, and since you are low on mats, you are going to have some time to pull before you have to decide on some of these. I’m running two right now, not only for a better chance at more legendaries, but because I am also missing a few key pieces like Boldtusk and Kiril.

I am in a similar boat with LJ, although I do have the mats. First, I pulled Berden, who had been eluding me. Then Muggy. Now Hisan. These three-stars are so (relatively) quick to level, it’s hard to justify not doing it unless you have a game-changer waiting. I put Gill-Ra on hold for Rigard, but I’m going to finish her before I start Domitia. Wish I’d had her last week for the raid tournament. You are going to be waiting for mats anyway. Why not level heroes that don’t require any?

Agree. I took her to 3^60, and she is still pretty good for the Titans I fight. I have better purple options for trap tools right now, but I will probably max her when the time is right.

I’m typically not a fan of doing doubles in three-star. Each hero has something they are good at, so I value variety. The only one I really did a double of was Bane, because the other three-star yellows are pretty bad, but then Melia came along, and now Arman.


About Ranger, i pulled Ishtak in my first week of play, in January, and Berden during april Atlantis… Waited a looooong time for a 4* one :rofl:
While my wife got 3 Berden, Triton and newly Tib :joy:

Grimm’s been my first blue 4* and RP, so he kinda have a special place in my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Defense is really squishy, yeah. I tend to prefer high-attack one than high defense. Apart from healers, i used the attack route on all my emblemed hero.
I know Gormek would fit very well in my defense in place of Grimm, but with my lack of mats, the arrival of Wilbur, my more than strong enough barbarian team and my will to max Kelile and now Scarlet, i couldn’t pull the trigger on him :thinking:
As for Kashkrek, i kinda loss all hope for him :crazy_face:. He now sees action on my 4-6 flags during war and that’s it :flushed: I have the feeling i wasted mats on him, although he held the tank role very effectively a few months ago. I guess i could give him another try.
And yeah, Danza’s been postponed for some time now and the new arrival of Chao makes the question even harder for mats and my need. I even think Hu might be a better fit for me than Danza. Tough choices ahead :grin:

As of now, it would be Kadilen, but yeah, a 2/60 Kadilen won’t really help my case.

I really like him. His minions is cool, and i do believe i read somewhere that they could trigger his sorcerer’s talent. But as @Radar1 said, i am still short on tabards, so i can wait and see if i get anyone else.

As for TC20, i got only one leveled, another one at 19 and 2 at 11. I will burn my backpacks and might level another one to 20 after that.
Food is short at the moment, as, i am finally giving some love to my troops, so it might be the perfect time to take one TC off the market to max it.

Hard to decide between maxing 3* or getting more 4* to 3/60. I do think my 3* bench is interesting enough in everything but purple. Hisan and Muggy make the LJ question a lot harder as they are really cool.
And good to know about Ameonna. Once Gafar is done, i might get her to 3/60 with 2* and throwing 1* to Gil-Ra. Unless i get tabards :joy: A nice problem to have :thinking::money_mouth_face:

Same here, that’s why Arman might eventually get some feeder. Got Ulmer after #2 Valen was on last tier so he got on the bench.

Anyhow, thanks for the input and have fun :partying_face:


See post #1 for pictures
Time for a new set of questions.
Who should i ascend with my 2 gloves?
I lost hope in Chao for ascension, so i will just carpet bombed the trial with rangers :joy:

Kiril seems a no-brainer.
Who else?
V-fast tournament makes me want to ascend both Hu and LJ, although that would mean Kiril will have to wait.

Raid defense could be better but it is a low priority.
War defense is ok, with Rig - Sonya - Kash - Wu - Kelile
Titan teams are averaging 30-35k against 8*.
Can complete all class quest, some of them by carpet bombing.
I want to work on my roster depth.

So, who gets my gloves?


Kiril absolutely
LJ > HuTao


I vote for kiril and cat, but you are really close to start working on your 5 stars :wink:

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Agree with @Radar1, Kiril no question. He has a long shelf life so don’t worry about him becoming useless quickly.


+1 on this. Kiril is worth his weight in gold. I have two maxed. And they both get used every war.


Thanks @Radar1, @Garanwyn, @PapaHeavy and @Mezviets for the answer

Kiril and LJ it is!


Funny with LJ, I have him on his last ascension but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. He’s awesome when he fires but a little too squishy for my liking. After considering the comments in this post, I’m committing too.

Not to mention I’m very light on Nature heroes. Just pulled 2- Gaderius and a Yunan last SE. so I have a couple of new projects after I finish getting Hel to 3/70


Different people have different opinions mine are usually unpopular.
To me that i have both maxed, as an all around hero, Hu Tao > LJ without a doubt. LJ has on his side that -64% mana gen which is extremely useful against bosses more than Hu blinding. But Hu’s superior health and defense makes him more sturdier and he’s a lot more useful in raids and against mobs on maps or trials because the blinding here is relevant while the -mana against mobs is not. Same in raids, if Hu goes of you’re gonna see a lot of missing, while the -mana reg wont keep away the opponent heroes from attacking you. LJ is impressive when you fight him in defense when you’re in gold/platinum because he gets that attack and defense boost which makes him look like a really powerful hero, but on offense his damage its pretty trivial…


All valid points @KnifeWonder. I agree somewhat. Although I’ve learned that almost every hero has a purpose (excluding Dawa and Renfeld) and LJ special can make a HUGE difference, if he fires. Hu is also a game changer and is much sturdier.
Bringing LJ means you need extra healers to protect him while with Hu he’s tough enough to know he will most likely fire at least once.
Combining LJ with Proteus, Li Xiu or Hel gives you great mana control, and during raiding that makes a huge difference facing some of the insta death 5*. Hu with his blind is a chance that some will miss and can sometimes change the entire outcome of a battle. Bottom line is both heroes have a use and I would recommend leveling both. Play around with them, use them together!! Blinding and mana cut can be fun!! Whatever you do HAVE FUN, it’s only a game.


Yeah dont get my wrong, I still use my LJ and I think he’s a great hero; in tourneys with 4* limit rush attack he’s the man in defense. But like i’ve said, in my opinion, as an all around hero i find that Hu is a better option. I know a lot of people on the forum consider Hu one of the most meh heroes [and i do agree that the 4* vanilla yellows are probably among the poorest in the game], but from my experience and having tried them in every aspect of the game I do value more the survivability of the hero instead of simple raw power [minus Grimm which is a know glass cannon but thats what he does].

ps: just in the latest trial i wanted to change my team, since i had options, so i took out Hu [non embed] and replaced him with LJ [non embed]. Long story short, i never lost Hu once in these trials, while in my last one i lost LJ. I will probably give him a second chance but he is too squishy, defense wise and health wise…


Encouraging little back and forth here about LJ and Hu Tao. I have both sitting at 1^1, and I’d like to level one or the other for the Trials of Strength so I can pull emblems from Valen for Poseidon. Good to know that either is potentially viable. LJ will probably get leveled first, as he is only sitting behind Hisan. Hu Tao has to wait for me to max Li Xiu from 3^38 (need monks worse than barbarians or fighters), take Ranvir to 2^60 (also need another druid), and then the panda eats. Thanks for the tips on where they each shine.


So LJ vs Hu is a hard choice.
Seeing my roster, one can see i LOVE glass cannon hero!! :joy:
Grimm, Kelile, Scarlet, Jackal, Melendor. Even Alice, at 3/70 ain’t a real sturdy choice :rofl:

Maybe it could be a good idea to go with the high-defense one for once.

I also just took a look at my class trials roster and LJ would have a place in Strenght but probably not in Survival, as my rogue squad is pretty good. Hu, on the other hand would come in Strength and Decimation, in place of a 3*.
Just started Arman, i’ll decide once he is maxed :rofl:


And maxing Hu instead of LJ would take me to 3 rainbow 4* team.
That would give me the push needed to get to work on my 5* :rofl: