Purple Leveling Help - 5* Ascension (Aeron,Quintus & Thoth)

Hello Ladies and Gents,

As the title shows, I am looking for some advice on purple heroes to level. I currently have Kage+9 and Sartana+7 and Thoth at 3-70, Qunitus and Aeron at 1-1. Of the 3, I am thinking Aeron might have the edge over Quintus for the heal and block status, but there are a couple threads floating around bashing Aeron in todays class of 5*.

My main objective is for offense (kage likely stays in my D), war depth and Titans.

I have a decent team of 5* that I am using:
Justice 3-70
Snow White 4-67
Richard and costume 3-70 (waiting for scopes)
Mother North+6
Grazul 4-80

Emblem wise, Aeron being monk kind of sucks competing with Leo and Wilbur. Quintus would be in line for over 600 sorcerer.

Notable 4* Purple:
Tibs 4-70 (costume 3-60)
Rigard and costume 4-70

I just worked on Bjorn and might work on a 2nd bjorn, bat, choch or gill-ra for a little while to round out 3*, but any recommendations on my 5*?

I would emblem Rigard (and as a by-product his costume) because it puts his stats comparable to 5* heroes and in some opinions makes him an upgraded version of Aeron.

Not knowing whether you are apt to try for summons in coming months, the anticipated May HotM as well as Seshat returning in Atlantis portal are dark heroes I would ascend before any of your three options and may be worth the wait.

(Understanding that you are far more likely to not summon either of them than you are to actually get them).

Problem with Rigard and emblems is that cleric class is VERY tight for me with Ariel, Mother North, Rigard and Hansel all demanding emblems. I use Rigard in wars and on titans, but my usual 3 stack with purple is Kage, Sartana and Proteus, then bring Ariel, Mother North or BT for healing duties. I guess my love for Rigard is not as high as most for whatever reason (maybe getting him later in the 4* process then many other heroes I had).

I am relatively C2P (my spending in the last month or so is higher than I would like), but I normally do roughly one 10 pull a month, so it could be a while before I get another purple or the chances of me landing a HotM (only have 3 in 2.5 years of playing).


i would… save your tabards and wait. Especially with clarissa coming out in may.

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I have 10 tabards, so I am approaching two full sets. My luck with pulls has been poor when it comes to HotM (I tried real hard “for me” to get Kingston in October, I also tried pretty hard for Seshat last year when she was released). I am generally more of a feed what you have approach. So given the 3 options I do have, are they any suggestions?

All I’ll say is, Quintus was my first 5 star hero ever. Aeron is my first, and to date, only completely maxed 5 star (I have a bunch at 4/x); and he’s been that way for almost a year.

I am not impressed. Aeron is a 3rd or 4th AW team now. Quintus doesn’t even deserve trap tools.

With your roster, I really don’t see how any of these heroes can give you much of a boost.

I have both sartana and quintos maxed and go back and forth between stacking them with proteus and costumed rigard or any combo of the three.

When you use Proteus specifically, he doesnt stack well with sartana, sartana doesnt need you to buy time to charge up and her dot is weaker than proteus’s.

If I were you, I would wait for a new hero but Quintos on offense, especially when Proteus is shuting down the defense, does as much or more damage than any other hero I’ve seen in the game. But he is definitely a niche use-case hero. Maybe even obsolete given how much better Uresena is.

Although I would add, Quintus is a lot easier to get than Ursena, and as a C2P player, you make the most of the heroes you have. Quintus with high level troops and if you’re lucky to pull his costume, could very well be an option.


I should add I’m not a Quintus fan with 2 on my bench at 1:1, but Hel and Ursena took precedent. Will I ever level him up? With Obakan also on the same bench … Hmm but if I Aeron on the same bench, I’d go Quintus

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I seem to get bad luck on some of my 5*'s I get. I get super excited to get a 5*, only to find out they are not very good. I have 3 Horghall (ate 1), Atomos, Quintus, and Aeron and it seems none of them are worth leveling. I would eventually like to have more 5* depth and thought Quintus or Aeron could provide that. It seems the consensus is to leave them be.

I will focus on a couple 3* for the time being and maybe take Aeron, then Qunitus to 3-70 and see if anything has changed with my luck. I also might have 12 tabards by then, so it wouldnt be a complete waste to max one of them. My gut says to take Aeron first because I think he brings more adaptability to purple as opposed to Qunitus. I have too many slow 5* as it is in Issy and Snow White, but at least their skills provide additional value.

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