Help with who to level up next

Just did a 10x atlantis pull… was hoping to get kunchen (wouldve been my 1st purple 5*) but instead got kageburado and proteus (and other feeders). A first for both. Im actually content.

I have 6 Tabbards ready for a 5* purple. I have 2 questions:

  1. Who to ascend 1st? Was going to finish rigard because i dont like leaving things incomplete… hehe.
    I have
    Tibertus +7
    Rigard 4/50 (was levelling him up)
    Cyprian 3/60
    Anemona 1/1
    Proteus 1/1
    Kageburado 1/1

  2. Will eventually ascend kageburado. Is he worth it? To be my 1st purple 5*?

I have read good things abt Kage, but im a litle bit skeptical about the decreased damage when opp hp is <50%. I mean, comparing it with other snipers (posiedon) who always hits at 450% regardless of enemy hp. I get the mana and dispel features, but the decreased dam concerns me… should it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kage is a great purple and is serviceable both for offense and defense. Definitely finish Rigard first, you’re almost there and he’s one of the best 4 stars in the game. Kage or Pro after kinda depends on what point you’re at. If you’re working on other 5 stars already, then Kage makes sense. If not, do Pro first. Bith6are definitely worth it though.

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Hiya!! Congratulations on your luck!!

First off imma post this, just cause it’s always useful

NOW! back to the OP questions:

Q1 who to ascend first
My answer will depend on how many trap tools, compasses and fine gloves you have.

If you have enough to do two heroes, finish rigard (as he’s closer to being useful long term), Then do Proteus second. Rigard is a gun healer, one of the best in the game. I personally am still using him despite having 18+ maxed 5* heroes.

If you only have the materials to do 1 purple 4*, id say to do Proteus. He’s a great and super useful hero. Will massively help in terms of completing challenges and hard map stages.

Q2 - is Kage worthy of tabards
Short answer - yes.

He is quite possibly the games best sniper for two reasons.

  1. He has a massive damage increase if the enemy has more than 50% HP
  2. He dispells all enemy buffs BEFORE striking. This is the only sniper in the game to do this.

Whoa… hold on… so he makes another hit if the enemy has >50% hp?

No sorry.

So it’s like an if statement:

If HP > 50% Then
Deals 450% damage
Deals 250% damage
End if


Yeah, thats what i thought… i dont know how i feel about, say, using his special against an enemy to finish him off only for the damage to fall short of killing it.

That being said, its not like there are any heroes that can 1-shot an opponent at the get go right? Lianna maybe? Usually it takes 2 special hits.

All need two unless you’re targetting a much lower defence hero like an un-emblemed 4* or the like.

In my honest opinion, I would max Rigard first and then if you only have four trap tools do Proteus. However, if you have all the ascension mats for Kageburado do him before Proteus.
Good luck

My opinion would be to finish maxing Rigard as others have said. Then regardless of materials Proteus is next. He is the kind of game changing hero you will need to complete challenge events and now updated costume chamber events. You will use him forever almost. His mana control is THAT good. You will also take him (a 4*) into the legendary stages on event challenges to beat the boss waves.

Kage is definitely a great hero too. Kage would be a great addition to a defense team since you dont have other 5* purples. Kage is actually pretty easy to use on offense. At very fast, his special charges quickly so you are likely to use him at least once before any hero is below 50%. The other big benefit he has, as Guvnor point out, is his dispel BEFORE he hits. This has a lot of use against riposte or other annoying buffs.
As matches go on an enemy health is less, you have to make the conscious effort to target heros that do have more than 50% health. You have the control on offense. There are times where it might stink to have him not kill when enemy health is low, but that is a lot less trouble than you think.

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Thanks for the help. Will try to get proteus levelled up fast.

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