Green and Purple: Who to Level Up Next?

My Main team is Drake Fong 4/80, Rigard +9, Frida 4/67, Anzogh +1,
Evelyn 4/79 (only 2 more 1*s to feed).

Who shall be my next green and why?
Margaret 3/38, Melendor 3/50,
Kashrek 3/38, Horghall 3/17

Just leveled up Mok-Arr and Tiburtus +1, so who should be my next purple and why:
Proteus, Merlin, Quintus
(all new in the last couple weeks)
… or …
Sabina 3/33, Ameonna 3/33

I would appreciate all the help I can get. Thank You :jack_o_lantern:

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You have a solid team.
Proteus is your next powerhouse hero.

Here’s the case for your heroes:

Proteus locks down Mana. He is so useful against heroes like in challenge events and trials.

Melendor and Sabina, because more healers are always good especially in war defense teams making them spend extra flags. Also these two are debuffers that don’t require you to hit the other team. These guys can take down counterattack safely.

Kashrek has been giving me serious problems lately. I’m going to level one of him up myself and put him on my defense team. He’s a pain to take down.

Or you could focus on building teams for titan stacking.

I would personally level up Proteus, Melandor, Kashrek, Sabina.

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Thinking about it, Maybe you’d like more info. (I can’t do pics as my phone won’t let me go to gallery :slightly_frowning_face:) so here goes…

Other yellows I have:
Li Xiu +11, Chao 4/50,
Danzaburo 4/70, Poseidon 3/6
(Working on him presently)

Other reds:
Scarlett 4/70, Boldtusk 4/70,
Kelile 3/37, Wilbur 4/46,
Azlar (new), Guardian Falcon
(Working on him)

Other blues:
Kiril 4/49, Grimm 4/70,
Sonya +16, Captain of Diamonds
3/38, Triton 3/37 (Working on him)

With this info, I hope you can help me make better decisions :wink:

Thank you Oriontron … I was thinking Proteus next but wasn’t sure. I’m not sure how good Merlin is and don’t want to feed him until I know more.

Sabina’s currently on my purple team with Mok-Arr, Ameonna, Peter’s and Horghall. They work really well in war together: have only lost 2 battles and last time I beat a team that had 300+ team points higher than mine. It was glorious!

For green I will take your advice and work on one of the healers…havent decided which one yet :sunglasses:

Proteus is MUCH better than Merlin. High Diamond players regularly still use Proteus. Merlin is a fun niche hero for most top players who rarely gets off the bench. He’s not bad, but he’s not among the 4star heroes that play well vs 5*s (Rigard; Proteus; Wilbur; Jackal)

I prefer Merlin to Proteus in raids, though I use them both. He can lock down a hero that’s already full of Mana, whereas Proteus needs to strike first to help. The targeted hero will also dump their Mana, which can be more significant than 3 rounds of no Mana gain.

So TWAndrews, i looked at Proteus and Merlin again and have a question: what are poison damage and mindless attack (I’m sure this has something to do with the dumping of mana to which you refer)? And while we’re on the subject …what’s burn damage?

Sorry just to slightly hijack the discussion with a quick question:

For Proteus, is he obtainable at any summon? Best to wait for the Purple Elemental one though I would assume, to increase the chance? I see Proteus a lot and obviously have realised I want him… so just wondering is he a special, or always available to summon?

Proteus is only available at the Atlantis gate.

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He is only available in the Atlantis portal.

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I always recommend Proteus. He’s just that good. He works well and is a special kind of hero. I just got Merlin, maybe he’s as good. I don’t know yet.

Melendor would be my green choice. If not him I’d go with kashrek. Margaret and Horghall wouldn’t get my rare tonics.

Your other “working on” heros are great and you’ve got some good teams there.

Poison damage and burn damage are effects, that deal damage over time (DoT), that means, after each turn the hero receives a little damage aka loses HP - the first is a purple drop icon and the second a flame. Several heroes can spread those damages, for example Layla (2*), Proteus (4*), Sartana (5*) deal poison damage and Jahangir (3), Colen (4), Azlar (5) deal burn damage to all enemies.

Mindless attack: when the mana bar of the hero is full, he attacks a random hero of his team.

Both have nothing to do with mana dump. Those are all independent specials/effects/abilities.

Merlin doesn’t really lower (or dump) mana, he makes the affected hero use the special on a teammate once mana bar is full. When you’ve cast him, you want to send as many tiles as possible on the hero under his spell.

Hansel and Gretels specials dump mana - the affected heroes mana will be cut in half and it will take extra damage when mana bar is full. Again, when you’ve used them you want to send tiles on the target to get the most out of the special.

Proteus and Hel locks mana bar where it is; but if the mana bar is full and hero is ready to go off when you cast them, the affected hero will still use its special on you.

I have and daily use all of the above and find it hard to rank them, as they are all fantastic in their own way. Proteus/Hel play well with the others as well as with each other. Last 4* tourney (no red bloody battle I think) I ran Proteus, Gretel, Jackal, Hansel and Caedmon and it was the most fun I’ve had since I started this game.

However, I agree that Proteus has priority over Merlin. The latter might prove extra useful come November though, if Neith starts showing up on def teams all over (I’m holding on to some emblems just in case).

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