Which purple 5*

I have the delicious dilemma of deciding which 5* purple hero to bring to 3/70 and wait for ascension materials. I have Domitia, Aeron, Sartana, Quintus and Obakan. The only one I have advanced at all is Domitia, who is about midway through second ascension. I have a pretty good stable of 4*, and I plan to max them out as materials permit while still saving mats for one of the 5*

Depends what you want/need.

  • Sartana is probably most popular and is excellent for Titans, raid attack and war attack. She’s useless on raid defence, war defence and for farming, though.

  • Quintus is sort of the opposite. He’s great for raid and war defence, awesome for farming, but bad for Titans and only okay for raid and war attack.

  • Domitia and Obakan are second level heroes - they both have important roles they can play, but you’d seldom choose either if you had the first two at your disposal.

  • I don’t have Aeron, so I can’t really speak about him, except to note that he looks reeeeeeally stupid. For me, that sort of disqualifies him.

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Thanks. I’ve been playing around with each of them while farming, just to get a feel for their specials

From my experience, Sartana is the hero you’ll get the most out of right away. She’s perfect in a rotational role with other heroes and hits like a ton of bricks, take her to lvl80 and she’s a killer. All of the other heroes on your list are nice to have, they don’t really give you anything new that you can’t already get from other heroes…I have all of them, they’re all just still sitting around, the only one that gets play time is Sartana. Aeron might convince to spend some mats on him, but only until after he proves himself in game play, I’ll wait for other players to level him up…

Hello @Brobb. I am curious as to what makes you say this about Sartana. I am not disputing the statement, just surprised as she is categorized as an “A” in Anchor’s guide (not the Bible but significant nonetheless). Plus I have a fully ascended Sartana and find her to be quite tanky on defense. Thank you.


Yeah, I’ve always thought that what makes her so strong is that she’s good at everything, including defense.

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Actually, I really like Obakan because fast mana speed splash damage is so versatile for Rare Ascension Item Quests, and double/ triple bosses.

For war attack Obakan’s counter attack is free damage that doesn’t use board matching, or mana, during the timer known as the Revenge Bar. While his fast mana speed splash damage can whittle down three defenders, without triggering the speeding up of the Revenge bar, for your other attackers to take them out at the same time.

On war defense the counter attack is free damage if he is placed in the flank or center spaces.

Sartana shines against titans and attacking war defense team corner healers, but Santana’s DOT might get wasted after the Revenge Bar has fired 2 or 3 times, unlike raids where her high defense and HP can keep dragging it out until the DOT kills.

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Hel is better than all of them and she is coming back at some point this year; you might get her, so save those ascension materials.

I don’t have them yet anyway. I’ll work on Sartana to 2/60 And if I get Hel, so much the better.

Good luck with it, NPNKY. You seem to have a purple thumb, so hope it goes well.


On defence, a character’s special and durability are its most important characteristics. Sartana’s durability isn’t the worst possible, but it’s not great, and her sniper special is rendered almost useless because it is managed by the AI, so it will inevitably be misused.

Other snipers (Marjana, Joon, etc) tend to be similarly useless on defence, imho.


Where did SGG state that other HotM are coming back this year?

Last I checkee it was still “At some point” and “Looking into the possibility”

In the shortlist. It says this year.

But its under the “Considering, but currently not working on” headline.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not holding my breath for the “definately this year” part

Optimist vs pessimist :smiley:
Yeah its’s under that heading but I have faith cause it clearly says definately this year :slight_smile:


I’m definately hoping you’re the one thats right haha!


I must have a purple thumb. Got an Epic hero token from Mystic Vision yesterday. Pulled Gan Ju (meh) and another Aeron

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