Which green 5 stars to ascend

I have enough mat for only 1 green 5 stars . Probably a long time before i can get enough for another 5 green stars. Who should i ascend

Current green 4/5 stars max
Lianna, skittleskull, Gobbler, Cademan, Mel

5 stars green heroes I have
Second lianna (1-1), Elk (tier 3), Groot (1-1)

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Ewhhh, i would almost go with the second lianne


Lianna. You will porably get that suggestion from almost anyone

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I refuse to do dupes on grounds of narrative continuity. So I vote for Elk.

But in terms of purely mathematical logic, the choice is clearly Lianna.


U need at least 1 sniper for each color

Rumors have it groot might actually become useful with the new costumes… don’t know if I’d level him purely based on that, but maybe it’s something worth considering?

Same applies to 2nd Lianna though, because her costume sounds great too :man_shrugging:t3:

In my honest opinion the logical thing to do here is max a second Lianna

I’d wait to see if you get Kingston next month hotm, he’s rumored to be amazing.

If you’re upgrading advanced buildings, then you’re probably strapped for food.

If you’re participating in the raid tournaments, then lvl up a couple of green 3*, cheap, fast and no mats required while you wait.

Tonics are rare, haven’t had one drop for me in the past 5 months!


Haha… is Elk and Groot really so bad that a repeated hero is better than them? I am thinking of elk as I don’t have good green tank

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I would go with Elk too. Talented, is really good. Resists to mana cut or block(not all the time, ofc). After his attack is over 700, he’s a real killer. Also, very sturdy. Besides, like you said, you will need a green tank, for tournaments at least. When red is not allowed, would be very useful.

I mean a second Lianna is more versatile than either Horghall or Elkanen, but if you want a green tank, you could do worse than Elkanen.

I think it also comes down to whether you have a better hero who’s called dibs on the cleric or druid tokens.

Elkanen is pretty solidly in the camp of “eh, he’s alright” and can do a bunch of things adequately. He’s best at tank or wing in war (where field aid can make him real hard to dig out), and as others have said, he becomes a royal pain when his emblems are up.

But if you have better options for the class tokens, a 2nd Lianna might make more sense.

There are a lot of heroes that perform tank better than Elkanen, but Elkanen is more versatile than Horghall. Having a duplicate hero, even of an amazing one, is a bit of a letdown, I agree, but Lianna still makes the most sense unless you really need a green tank for some reason.

I mean I have the opposite problem. I pulled a second Elkanen from my TC20. :joy::joy::joy::sob::dizzy_face:

Edit: I also agree with @l2ider. Halloween and Kingston are next month, so if you’re thinking if making pulls, you might want to wait. I just got my 6th tonic recently, but I’m going to try for Evelyn mostly and Kingston due to my EHT backlog, and currently I only have a Kadilen waiting in the wings which is not a compelling argument. Up to you if you can wait.


@MD-DC good luck, if they ever allow trades, I’ll give you one of my dupe Eves.
I started in October and getting hotm Zims and Eves like they were 3*.

Little did I know it was very lucky, I ate 6 each of both, now regretting even though back then, they did not have heroes academy mentioned.

Hoping we both get Kingston too!!

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But he have to watch out for Gormek xD

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Ouch, below the belt :rofl:

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I’d definitely wait at until you know whether or not you get Kingston or a prior HOTM in Atlantis.

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Just for the sake of narrative argument, my Norwegian maternal grandmother’s father and his brothers were Big Ole & Little Ole. Little Ole was taller. :slightly_smiling_face:

And there’s always the Doublemint Twins…:biking_woman: :biking_woman:

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If I could edit the name of my Liannas I might keep two.

And not feed them to Gormek :yum:

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