Next Blue 5*?!

Why hello again. Frostmarch was nice enough to give me Scope #6! I have a few options for who to ascend.

Currently maxed - Frida, Ariel, Magni, Miki.
Blue options - Magni #2, Thorne, Richard

At the very least, I will see if I should be lucky enough to get Finley in upcoming Pirates, which will make this decision MUCH easier… But assuming I don’t get him, who would you guys choose? Or, would you sit on the scopes for a future pull?

I’d choose Richard over a duplicate Magni, only because he’s fairly durable and hits for decent damage. He’s also one of the few attack droppers available in blue (Alice and Vela being the only other ones).

Good luck chasing for Finley though :crossed_fingers:

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Chasing is a strong word for doing 1 10-pull and hoping! Lol!

I’d love to have Alice and/or Vela, but sadly, no dice. My buddy that pulled 3x Vela won’t send me one, so he’s on my naughty list!

BTW - I saw all your edits! I’m creeping on you here! :stuck_out_tongue:

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haha I figured Richard is solid enough to not regret ascending – He hits for good damage despite being so defensive oriented with his stats which makes him reliable for later war teams.

And yeah if you’re only doing a 10-pull, then I’d wait to see what you get. But Richard would be my choice personally. Frida -> Richard will be a pretty fun combo.

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Agree with Richard. I use an Athena -> Frida -> Richard sequence and with emblems it guarantees at least 2 dead enemies from full health. If you have an emblemed Grimm you should be able to get similar results.

In my honest opinion I would focus on levelling Richard first.
Good luck

Thanks for the replies all.

I do not have Grimm emblem’d. Black Knight has taken all of my barbarian emblems! Assuming I don’t pull Finley, I will plan on doing Richard. :slight_smile:

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You will be shocked to learn that I did not pull Finley!!! Can you believe it???

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Condolences to you.

I feel you, only new hero I got was Vodnik out of a 10-pull + 2 additional coin pulls. Everything else were 3* dupes

My very first set of event tokens was Peters + Telluria! I should have stopped there. :frowning:

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