Icey Crossroads: Need Leveling Help!

I just got my final needed farsighted telescope to fully level one of my 5 stars. Problem is, I have multiple at 3.70 and am not sure who would be the best to level… here’s my 5* 3.70 list

Snow White
King Arthur

I’d love y’all’s input!

If it’s your first blue 5 I’d probably go either Frida, Vela or Magni. Magni probably but a tough decision. Frida (or KA) is good for titans, so if that’s your priority…

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Congrats on getting the scopes!

Will this hero make the raid defense team? War defense?

King Arthur or Frida with elem def down makes a strong case, since they’ll be useful solo and in a stack. I like Arthur here for the harder single target hit, but Frida is solid and a dispeller to boot.

I use Vela, and have been impressed by her. If you’re unsure about a flank or wing on your D team, she’s great.

Snow White is a bit situational due to her slow mana, but she has the potential for massive damage.

Magni’s the best Vanilla blue. Richard isn’t horrible, but doesn’t make the cut among such fine heroes.

If I were in your shoes (and rosters vary of course), it’d be a hard pick between King Arthur and Vela, but I lean toward Arthur.

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It really depends on your other heroes and what you need most. Richard is definitely the best tank of your group, if that’s your need. Vela is the best non tank defender to me and is very strong in all aspects of the game. Frida and Arthur are both great for titans and useful other parts of the game but aren’t as strong as other options at times. Both will serve their main purpose of elemental defense drop on titans below 10 stars at 3/70. Magni is still an awesome sniper. In a vacuum, I’d say Vela is the best hero but not always the best choice.

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Well def. not Richard of these. Vela is the one that I have most trouble with when raiding. However Arthur is a great hero. Do you have other Avalon heros for the family bonus? If not flip a coin.

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Never Richard unless you get the costume.

I suggest you do either Arthur or Vela first.

Arthur is your best hero for red titans. If your alliance is focused on titans, you want this dude maxed.

Vela is awesome for pvp, if you are like me and most enjoy pvp, Vela will make the game more fun for you.

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Coin it is then lol Avalon was rough for me besides KA