The right blue to choose

tryig to make sure i choose the right blue hero, never know when i will get 6 telescopes again.

I have:

richard 3/70
magni 3/70
frida 3/70
thorne 3/14
aegir 2/9
alice 1/44
miki 1/35

these are at 4/80

guinevere (4/1)

Mostly looking for good hero for war and titan. first post, thanks for the help.

Frida for war and titan. Also you can use Miki at 3/70 for titan (if you battling till 10*). You have an excellent blue sniper maxed and now is time for Frida, imo. But if your alliance runs blue tanks, then Aegir asap.

You have many I don’t have, jealous m8,lol.

If I had him I would choose Aegir as I know I can’t stand him in defense, lol, but also think he would more than likely be very good all rounder in offense. Really depends on your team setups.

But in order of preference I would go Aegir, Frida, Richard, K,Authur, Alice and then Miki somewhere inbetween as he is excellent on Titans.

I have all but Aegir and K.Authur from your blue list and only Richard who I haven’t started on yet but all others other than Miki and Magni (currently 3/70) are maxed.

Good Luck

Looking at your hero options, you have a few solid candidates to choose from (lucky you). Usually when taking someone to 80, I’d suggest the most versatile option til you get a few more maxed, but since you already have a few up there already, I’d be focusing your attention on where you’re lacking. First I’ll list the heroes from your list worth consideration:

Spoiler Alert: Richard and Thorne won’t make the cut (shocking, right?!)

  1. Frida - She’s amazing in a blue stack for both raids and [red] titans; dispelling buffs is always a handy tool to have at your disposal, and so is elemental defense down. Needs to hit 80 to hit harder, or if you want to put her on your defense team, but the elemental defense down will work the same at 70, so not crucial if that’s all you’re using her for. If you want her a staple on your raid teams though, then she’s definitely worth the mats.

  2. King Arthur - Similar to Frida, but he’s better suited for red titans with elemental defense down and attack down, but not as great for raids (average speed snipers just aren’t my fav). Personally, I’d choose Frida of the two for more versatility, if that’s what you’re after

  3. Alice - Another solid candidate, probably the best hero to use Rogue emblems on, and needs to be at 80 to hit full potential. She’s fast, hits hard, and lowers attack for 3+ turns, that is, if she doesn’t kill them first. Fun to pair with Arthur, only downside is the timing (ie holding her SS til Arthur is ready to fire). Though, I see you already have Alasie maxed, so another fast blue sniper might not be as vital unless that’s your preferred play-style and focus. Alice is great for raid offense and defense, and is a solid hero to bring in on titans too with attack down. Depending on your rogue emblems situation, I’d consider her as an option.

  4. Miki - Currently the best tile buffer in the game, so if your focus is mainly hitting harder on titans, he might be the best choice for you. Maxing him has less of an impact as the above listed, due to the fact he’s a support hero and not offensive. Meaning you’d max him to strengthen his survivability for higher end titans, whereas, with any offensive hero like Alice, you’d be strengthening their survivability and their attack stats for attacking.

  5. Aegir - A great tank and support hero, who will help you tough through nearly any battle with that spirit link and buff. However, since you clearly already have a few solid tanks in 4T (Kunchen, Guinevere), I don’t see Aegir benefiting you as much as the rest.

  6. Magni - Amazing sniper that also buffs allies, and has a great attack stat for a blue stack. This hero needs to hit 80 to hit full potential, but with the choice between Magni or Alice for fast snipers, I’d be leaning more toward Alice personally just due to her class. I prefer Alice’s dodge over Magni’s res, because the former will do more good offensively and defensively; fighter emblems work best on tanks.

So with all of this info, I hope it’ll help make your decision a little easier, but if not, I’ll make my suggestion:

Alice if you’re looking for another fast sniper, as they always have a place in the meta and they all need to hit 80 to be of the most use; Alice would be the most versatile of all, especially for raid offense and defense. I know you already have Alasie maxed, but I still don’t see a ton of snipers in your maxed roster, so wouldn’t be a bad way to go.

Frida if you’re looking for a more versatile elemental defense down with some added utility. So if your focus is raids and titans, I’d go this route. If you can pair her with a maxed Grimm, then you’ll have no problem raiding with a blue stack.

Miki if your focus is solely titans, as he is the best option for this. Especially if you’re fighting 12*+, maxing him would strengthen his survivability and allow you to score some higher numbers on those beasts, too.

Aegir, Magni and King Arthur are all great, but I just don’t think they’d benefit you nearly as much at this time. Of course, if your gut is telling you differently, I’d listen. You’ll want to go with whoever you can fit in your everyday teams in some way, and whoever fills a roll you desperately need. You’ll know that better than I, so trust your instincts.

& If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow !!! thanks everyone. a lot to think about.