Next 5* Dark to Ascend?

Hello E&P community,

I am wondering which 5* Dark hero I should ascend next? I have three 5* Dark heros awaiting final ascension – need 1 more Royal Tabard. My main defense is pretty sound and I don’t really need another tank.

Fully Ascended Dark Heros
5* - Kunchen, Kage, Sartana
4* - Proteus, Sabina, Ameonna, Cheshire Cat, Boomer

My Team Defense: Alberich (+10), Kunchen (+10), Guinevere (+9), Kage (+10), Magni (+7)

Dark Hero’s awaiting final ascension

  1. Boss Wolf - Boss Wolf, but he’s an interesting hero but is essentially a tank and I have better, besides Alberich has most of my Druid emblems.

  2. Grimbel - Grimbel has been described as a niche hero for minions, and perhaps would be useful on offensive raids/wars, but has more defensive stats plus Kunchen has most of my Cleric emblems. +10% crit bonus for all dark heros could be huge for my dark mono squad though.

  3. Obakan - Obakan is a vanilla hero that does splash damage and is a hybrid offense and defensive hero, and I already have Kage eating my Barbarian emblems.

I am leaning Obakan or maybe Grimbel, but may just wait and see for a few month in case another Dark hero with better offense stats stumbles my way…(really wish I would have pulled Sheshat!) What would you do?

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Obakan (sadly) is probably the best of that bunch.

Boss wolf probably isn’t needed seeing as you have a strong purple tank in Kunchen already. Only scenario he may he fun is in 5* rush attack but…

Grimble still seems pretty niche. Could be good so you got a purple DoA (5x). Note with the crit bonus that it’s easily obtained using a crit troop too so… Not the be all and end all.

I agree that none should get emblems from the current heroes you’re levelling.

I don’t like you options. Are they really burning a hole in your pocket? what about just taking OK to 3-70 and wait for something better.

Sheshat is really nice. She has replace my Sartana and Khiona on attacks

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Do the goat boy, since he could be a good replacement for Kun on your def.

Kun flanks aren’t very scary, especially when next to another healer.

Goatie counters all minions and even if there won’t be any, he’ll deal decent damage to everyone.


Yeah, regardless of whether you’re going to alter your defense, I think Grimble has pretty good synergy with your team. Just because he attacks minions doesn’t mean he’s worthless otherwise (like Capt of Diamonds is). He doesn’t hit super hard, but his AoE is more than strong enough to clean up the annoying leftovers of Kage/Sartana hits, and if Kunchen’s -DEF is active it will be devastating.

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@solipsism, good point on the Kunchen -DEF combo. I hadn’t thought of that. Only problem is the timing of the mana (slow vs. average).

I am assuming that the +10% crit bonus stacks with crit troops. Combine that with -DEF and AoE from Grimble and it could work nicely!


It does stack with troops but it’s worth noting that it’s a +10% CHANCE of applying crit damage.

Crit damage is a static multiplyer if successful. Plenty of threads which talk about that tho :slight_smile:

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@Guvnor, I think I understand it…say I have every hero with a crit troop with +10% chance of crit and another +10% crit from Grimbel = 20%. That means 1 out of every 5th tile would receive double damage.

I think where I got overly excited is that the crit bonus applies to tile damage only, not on the special. So Grimbles AoE attach would not be impacted by the crit bonus.


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Grimble’s value appears to be going up as more minion heroes emerge. His special clears all enemy minions before hitting all enemies. I have a feeling that in a few months that he could be more than a niche hero as more and more teams have minion heroes. He could be one of the most valuable offensive heroes in a few months

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Yeps that is definitely the key point. So also if Grimble isn’t overwhelming right now, he gives your bench more depth and is preparing for the new heroes (Puss in Boots and so on).
Maybe we’ll see more of him in the future.

Resurrecting this thread to get some input from the forum.

I just got my 6th Tabard and have a decision to make–Victor, Boss Wolf, cQuintus, or Kunchen. I’m leaning Victor though I’d love to max Boss Wolf (just because I like his mechanics)

• August’s HotM isn’t currently appealing (should I pull him) except as a collector’s item.
• Emblems are plentiful on all accounts
• Below are my 4* and 5* purples for context

Thanks any and all!

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If you like his mechanic, go with the Wolf. Keeping it fun is most important

I’d honestly love to, but am afraid he’d still be on the bench a lot. I also like Victor’s mechanic and max d 2 Valeria to run with him for fun

@wick_dawg Nice evaluation of the future landscape :slight_smile:

For defense and offense, I would still choose Kunchen.


I have kuncheon and boys wolf maxed. I use kuncheon all the time. Extremely flexible player.