Dark ascension help

I am in doubt on which dark to ascend now. I have maxed Seshat, Khiona and Ursena. The ones I can choose among are Sartana, Kunchen, Boss Wolf, Quintus, Obakan or Grimble. I’m leaning towards Sartana or Kunchen. I don’t need a tank. Guinevere does great. Other maxed 5*s are Joon, Vivica (musashi on the way), Kingston, Hatter, Tarlak, Anzogh, Zimkitha, Marjana, Misandra, Alice Isarnia.

Kunchen for a healthy stack.
Then Boss for rush attacks.
Sartana 3rd for a 2nd snipe.

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I’d probly go kunch if u dont have a costumed rigard or even an emblemed rigard

If u have costumed/emblemed rigard(preferably emblemed & costumed btw) i would probly go sartana

But also depends on what you’re trying to improve

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Thank’s - I have Rigard with costume and emblems and love him. I also have a second Rigard and Sabina maxed, so I’m quite well equipped with healers (I have 13 in total). I also have Mok-Arr and a duplicate Seshat btw

Ffs man

Duplicate sesh > sartana 10000%


I’d go Sartana for extra firepower or Kunchen for extra durability, depending on priorities. You already have a few good snipers there so I’d lean towards Kunch myself.

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Duplicate Seshat over Sartana all day long if you want snipe.

Kunch is great at tank, usable as a healer when not… he’s worth it unless you’re already stacked with healers.

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I missed the duplicate Seshat. I’d still go Kunch. He is very effective as tank or flank, and adds great depth for wars.

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cRigs -> Kun -> Ursl = :boom:

…and 2nd Sesh after Kun.

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