Need help to choose which to violet heroe to ascend

Hi! Some how I am overflowing with violet heroes compared with other colors.
I just recently got Obakan, Quintus and Merlin and not sure which one is worth to be ascended.
I already have Rigard emblemed at 17, Tiburtus at 12, Proteus at 13.
Grimble is waiting at 3/70 and Ciprian at 2/60. Sabine is even lower, just as another Rigard with his costume, another Tiburtus and costume, o and Ameonna that will wait till the end of days.
So any sugestion which one is the best to ascend?
As for 5 * heroes of other colors, I have two tanks: Ares and Richard. Musashi is being ascended towards 4/80. Neith and Elena waiting at 3/70 for lack of materials. So no heavy snipers.
Do you have any sugestion or should I wait to get the whole violet collection before ascending a good one?

Sabina’s cleanse is very good for 4* tournaments where ripost is very popular. And, totally subjective, for the way I play, Merlin is a great agent of chaos and overall bad boy.

Purples generally a good color to be loaded on if you raid & war 3/2. Since you want a healer for one of the 2, You’ve potentially got 3 teams of Ricard or Sab + someone mean.

First things first… Great choices to have.

But the big question is: what materials do you have?
Can you max one of the 5* hero’s or are you missing materials for that?

If you don’t have the mats to max a 5*, do another 4*.

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I have materials to ascend one 5* and one 4* heroes. The rest have to wait for materials.


You have an interesting set of 5* hero’s…

  • Obakan has a great attack stat but is a little underwhelming on the whole.
  • Quintus hits like a truck… When he’s alive to hit, which at slow mana and squishy is “sometimes”.
  • Grimble is sturdy and an okay tank (if you need one?) and obviously great against minion hero’s which seem to be likely to show up more in future.

What 5* hero’s do you have maxed in other colours?

If you want to do one right now I’d do Grimble… He hits okay with his SS, despite his low attack stat, and has a potentially useful niche - tiles are poor.

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For red, I have Ares, emblemed at 4. Elena is a 3/70 waiting to get enough materials.
For blue, I have Richard, emblemed at 3.
For yellow I have Musashi, that I am currently ascending. And Neith at 3/70 waiting for materials.
No green 5* heroes but got Melendor emblemed at 20. Little Jhonn and Buddy aslo talented but not too much

Because I already have Ares and Richard I haven’t ascended Grimble.

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