Boss Wolf or Sartana 5* Dark Ascension help

Question is whether to ascend Sartana or Boss Wolf or neither…both at 3.70 currently, only AMs for 1 at this time.

I don’t use either of them both in raids, wars, and titans currently at 3.70.

Sartana I would plan to add to my raid and war mono team to snipe with Kage.
Boss Wolf: I this vision of a crazy Dark defense with Guin at tank and Kunchen and Boss Wolf on the flanks, and Kage and Alberich on the wings, but perhaps its not worth it? Is there such a thing as too much defense?

Dark Mono Team (Raids/Wars) Kunchen, Kage, Ameonna, Sabina, Proteus
Yellow Titan Team: Tarlak, Kunchen, Kage, Cheshire Cat, Ameonna (this is somewhat fluid depending on the titan, but my Yellow titan team is my worst of the elements.)

Defensive Team: Alberich, Kunchen, Guinevere, Kage, Magni

I don’t have any other 5* Dark on the bench.

Boss Wolf - Druid emblems on Alberich, none in stock.
Sartana - Wizard emblems on Guinevere, none in stock.

You’re loaded at defense/tanks with Guin and Kunchen, and Kage is your only dark sniper, so this is Sartana easy.

Also that proposed defense seems awfully sketchy with slow and very slow flanks.


To add to the above, not only do you have lots of slow and very slow… but 3 Purples on defense? 2 Purples to flank Guin is OK, but adding a third Purple seems too much.


Boss Wolf imo is only serviceable as a tank. That’s where the counter-attack buff is at its best; it covers all the matches down the center, which for the attacker makes it difficult to charge specials without taking considerable damage. The mana gen- debuff further complicates this for the attacker, and the mana gen+ buff to his team (which is undispellable) means that once he fires his team will shortly charge; along with the counter-attack damage the attacker takes, they’re bound to lose heroes.

But this only really works with Boss Wolf tanking. As a flank, he’s too slow to fire in time. Even if he does, it’s very likely that his tank will already be down by then, and the attacker is likely to have their cleanser ready to dispel the mana gen- ailment. And finally, the counter-attack buff isn’t that threatening on a flank, as it’s much easier to avoid hitting those heroes.


My answer is the big bad WOLF.

Very strong tank but perhaps one of the best uses would be against titans and challenges.
Mana pot him and he becomes a Chimera of Albi/Alasie/Elena.

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3 Dark on Defense can be formidable if it is the right 3

You have two heroes that have but one true calling—defensive tank—namely Guinevere and Boss Wolf. You’ve already invested a lot in Guin, and you only need one superb tank. Therefore, ascend Sartana.

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Try Alby-Grazul-Boss Wolf-Guin-Damage Hero of your choice (not purple)

Assume you spend, so expect you will obtain Grazul if you haven’t already.

Consider Athena on the right wing, if you have. Alasie also strong there. Or Alice might be interesting (are you getting the colour hint?).

Sounds like you have the makings of a fierce defense.

I disagree, pretty strongly. I’ve seen flanking Guins. They’re weak. Same with off-center Boss Wolfs.

When you only have a few 80s on your bench, it makes no sense to have two of those be defense-only heroes. Defense is the least important part of this game, by a lot.


Especially when it really doesn’t take much to stay in diamond. I managed with an Obakan tank and a +17 Kiril for a long time. Always fell to low diamond overnight, but as long as I could easily open the raid chest in diamond, I didn’t miss out on anything.

I have BW with +6, started a chat about him a few weeks ago, got him sorted for now just need the heros around him. Ive also just got Satana to 3/70 with Ursena at 3/70. Because you have Guin as tank id go Satana

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