Newish player (lvl12, F2P) with silly questions :)

Hi everyone! I’ve really enjoyed this game so far and I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes. I have some basic questions: Should I play the quests, like the sand empire? Also, I ended up with an epic hero token, should I use it for the seasonal summon right now?


You should try sand empire, you should try everything beacuse you always can get something.
Using your token now is good idea beacuse you can get good purple 4* or Hisan fron Sand.


Hello, if you cant finish normal level, i sugest you to skip this event, cause there is only some decent prise only in last lvl. Better farm in 8-7, you will get more resources than in this event
But coin i sugest you to use in seasonal, cause its possible to get some decent epic or legendary hero. And sands are one of the best seasonal in my opinion

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Thank you!! Interesting… So, the seasonal heroes are better in some way than the “regular.”

Hey, of course you should try Sand Empire. Go as far as your best team can carry you! Also you could try to use your EHT here, or keep it until some more pile up and use them for Morlovia event in october or Santa’s challenge in december (highly recommended!). Just don’t use EHT’s outside of seasonal events.

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They are at least different. :yum:

Yunan for example an excellent tank, but Jabbar is kind of meh. Hisan is good. If you use epic hero token now, you would get a chance both for a sand hero and for the hero of the month.


8-7 will still be there one week from now and three month from now, too… WE will recharge as fast as always… sand empire only happens once a year…


Sand Empire is a good fun quest that can get you neat items. Energy wise it’s very costly, but I think the rewards in normal mode are worth it if you’re just starting out. Advanced may be a bit difficult, but it also depends on your available heroes.

That said, since it’s there for 2 weeks you can take your time with it. Do Atlantis (Season 2) when the portal appears this Thursday, as there’s a lot of good loot and all the levels there are cheaper for 4 days. That’s what I would recommend. If you haven’t gotten to province 15 of season 1, I would recommend getting there so you can access Atlantis.


Great points… Ok, and from what I’ve read it seems the thing to do first is get the TC to 11 right? I have gotten it as far as 10.

Belive me, if you cant go thro last stage the prizes are not worth the energy you will use, there will be other events, when you will be stronger, but its up to you.
Good luck with coin :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, ok, I’m still on province 12

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TC11 is for storing recruits. It’s extra cheap slow training, takes 2 recruits and 2 hours to complete, minimal amounts of food.

You can store days of training there, and pull it out as you need to use on your other training camps.

This is good because it means you don’t need super upgraded houses to store many recruits, you can just use the Training Camp at level 11 to store an infinite amount via this training.

Level 12 gets you guaranteed 3* heroes. Level 13 gets you 3* heroes with a small chance at 4* heroes. Personally I think 12 is worth doing if you’re lacking in 3*s. Otherwise I’d skip researching it and focus on getting to level 13. However you also need a minimum cap of 70 recruits for this level.

I would recommend to get to province 15 as soon as you are able to :slight_smile: Atlantis Rises happens every 4th Thursday of each month though, so don’t force it if your heroes still need more training.


TC13 should be your first target. It has a slight chance to train 4* heroes. 4* are the backbone of this game.


TC11 is good for a slow steady stream of feeder heroes to level up your good heroes. Work on getting two TC to 11, then one to 13. Then you can try for 4* in TC13 and have TC11 going to level the 4* up when you get it.

I’d try Sand Empire if only for the experience of fighting different heroes with different abilities. Depending on what heroes you currently have you may be able to go pretty far in normal. If you can finish level 10 you get a scabbard and a 2* yellow trainer hero. Check out the following thread for further info on the event.


I have 3 3*s: Renfeld, Jahangir and Bane

I agree with what other people already told you in this thread. Save all your epic hero tokens and use them during events only. It’s a waste to use them outside of events cuz all you can get are heroes you could get for free in training camps. (Just a reminder that the chances to get event heroes with EHT are low even during said events…)

As a ftp you have to max every 3* hero you get (or at least a copy of each hero). The more 3* heroes you max the more rewards you’ll get from rare events. Don’t bother with finishing the sand event for now, just finish the missions you can. Focus on farming and leveling up your buildings. If you can’t farm 8-7 yet, try 7-4.

People already told you this but if you can rush your stronghold and training camps to lvl 11-13 you’ll be able to save recruits and ham to train your future 4* and 5* heroes.

Also, try to finish province 15 as soon as you can so you can summon heroes from the Atlantis portal. Imo using gems to summon from the epic/elemental portal is a bit of a waste. There are plenty of good 3* and 4* (and with some luck 5*) heroes in Atlantis. I’d have used all my gems there if I had the chance tbh.

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These events are once a year so I say do every event there is!! :joystick::joystick::joystick:
Even after sand empire there will be other quests , do them , as some have ascension materials or tokens for summons which are always nice to have .

Whether you chose to save the tokens or use them, is purely on whether you want the heroes for this season event or the HOTM. I suggest using hero tokens for heroes you want .

It’s good to have a diverse library of heroes but it’s frustrating when you keep trying to get a specific hero and you don’t get 'em after lots of trials , nor if your have a big library of heroes and not enough materials to get the best performance out of them.

Good luck and happy gaming

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Quick response:

  1. yes, try to get far as possible, don’t push yourself too much, if you can’t get past a lvl. You1 got to your limit

  2. yes

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Ok people, I did it! I took the plunge and got this Valen character, any good?

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Yeah, definitely…one of the better 3* heroes

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