Any prep tips for the up coming SAND EMPIRE?

HEY! I mean, Hi!

The Dunes approach and I joined the game during the Summer event last year and have grown so much in a year, it’s as if I’'ve never been.

Any prep advice from the salty elders?



If you will add roster I can recomend team for sand empire, only christmas event was harder for me but don’t worry, I beat sand empire 4000TP lvl with ~3000-3200TP team. :slight_smile:

Rigard is most important hero, he can clean this terrible “sand poison” and most important, he is average.

Mana controler will be innormous helpfull, Merlin/Gretel/Hansel will be best, mixed with Hel/Proteus can help you won easier. Even Chao/LiXiu can save your ■■■.

Hero with -def is always good help, Tiburtus/Kunchen are very good beacuse of their color but now Wilbur will be much better.

You want at least 2 strong healer (with high % heal)

Tornadoes, stoptimes, mana potions, hp potions/antidote

You want board from Thanos challenge for boss fight, always chose fastest boss and kill him first beacuse only fast bosses have -100% regenerations.


@Radar1, your response is very helpful indeed! Thank you so very much for taking the time to pack all of this info together in your response! I am very grateful!

What I’ll be fortifying from now till Sand…


Agree with @RudoDewbie; this is very helpful. I didn’t start playing until September last year, so I missed Sand Empire altogether. I finished Springvale, so I’m hopeful that I can also finish this one. (I have a lot of good yellow heroes, so I need the mats and trainers.)

Any word on when it will start? When did it start last year? I’m currently leveling Rigard, and I’m wondering if I should start trying to power level him. If it’s too late for that, I assume antidotes could have the same impact.

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Sand is a heavy Holy challenge. Stack purple. And It’s never to late to focus train a card!

Sands event isn’t expected to start until roughly the last full week in June or possibly the last Mon in June, so 4weeks+ from now. Plenty of time to get your hero’s maxed!

I’m only just starting to drip feed my proteus and he’ll easily be maxed before the event kicks off :wink:


Pirates return before we get swept away in the sands of time…

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Perfect. Rigard is approaching third ascension already, so he should be good to go by then. Also, I plan to take Poseidon to his final ascension as soon as I get the darts from the Shiloh quest this week, so maybe I can have him leveled enough that those yellow trainers from Sand Empire will make a dent in those last levels of his development, which I’m told are a huge slog. (Poseidon is the first legendary I’ve been able to take to final ascension. So excited!)

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Don’t get me wrong, the last 20-30 lvls of maxing a 5* are certainly a slog compared to a 4*, but preparation is key, build up a surplus of food and recruits in your tc’s, then just crank open the tc 19 or tc 1-3 and feed everything to them and your be surprised

Thanks for the advice. I’ve been running two TC20s for a while, but I am planning to let one of them run down at the end of the week so I can switch over to TC19, which I’ve never done before. I’m usually a pretty patient guy, and Poseidon by himself won’t magically take me into diamond tier raiding, but I have too many other yellows waiting behind him to drag out his leveling forever.

Tc 19 is great to power lvl a 5* in tier 4 up to lvl 4/30 ish, but be warned the food costs get extremely expensive, so tc2 will be your friend, use those kitbags try and run it 24/7, I personally like ro run 1 xtc20 2 xtc11 and then the 4th tc as a flex tc, tc2 as much as possible a quick blast of tc19 when I have 50-100 rugged to use and tc1 or 3 overnight

Yep, this is what I’m doing as well. Two TC11s and a TC20 constantly. As long as I was leveling 4-stars, the two TC11s were enough to make decent leveling progress (and ensure I don’t outstrip my rare mats), so I liked having my flex as another TC20. As F2P, that’s gonna be where I get my legendaries, mostly. But I’m gonna have to adjust now that I have a few 5-stars in the mix. Domitia is waiting behind my Rigard, and Thorne behind Boril. Not decided on fully maxing Thorne, but short of drawing Sartana, Domitia is going all the way.

When I first got TC19s I went a lil overboard. Totally constipated my empire’s gears. Then I got TC20s and just waited for zippo. Now I run an occassional 20, but mostly TC2 is still the overall boss of getting heroes beefed up!

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Some nice advice in this thread, as well.

I recommend the stronger spirit link heroes, Wilbur or Aegir, if you have them. Spreading the damage around can help save those who can’t be healed.

I also recommend minion healers, like Delilah and Ma North (and perhaps even other minion casters like Buddy). Putting a minion in front to help soak damage is almost as good as healing.

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Pirates will have it’s own thread, but since it’s mentioned here, I thought it was time to show @Mariamne some more love for all the fabulous work she does for our benefit!

🌟 Memento 5 Events


Does @Mariamne have a graphic for the mobs/bosses for Sand Empire event? I’ve searched but maybe I just missed it?

here it is:


I honestly hope they throw in some emblems here and there.
Sadly, they didn’t during Easter :frowning:

Thanks, I guess I did miss it!

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