Epic hero token on sand empire or halloween?

So i have about 50 epic hero tokens, and i was thinking whether to use those tokens on sand empire heroes or should I wait till Halloween.
I couldnt play halloween event so dont have any of those heroes and regarding sand heroes i have all except 5* event heroes, and dont fancy Rana or Yunan much, but I do prefer Halloween heroes over sand heroes, now only problem is I dont have playing experience with Halloween heroes or sand heroes except Gafar, so cant make up my mind as to spend those tokens on sand event or halloween?

Any help is greatly is appreciated!

Oh thanks for the clarification, I thought we could use EHT, I guess will wait till Christmas.

No you can. I misread. Sorry!

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Ok so back to original question :slight_smile:


Personally I’d wait for christmas but if you already have those heroes I’d go for Sand heroes.

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I dont have any halloween heroes, only sand heroes but dont have Rana or Yunan

Yunan is one of the best tanks in the game. Victor and valeria are great for wars as they counter field aid. But mother north, santa and buddy are superb heroes if you don’t already own them/your patient enough to wait until then.


I suppose if i resist the urge to spend tokens in the sand empire, then i might be able to wait till Christmas. I dont have a good green tank though so would love to have him.

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If you want defensive heroes, Sand Empire is great. Xmas gives great balanced heroes and Springvale gives the all-offence heroes.

If you don’t have Kage or Gravy; then Victor at Halloween is great. But the three star (Vlad) isn’t as strong as either Hissan or Rudolph - and w rare events and 3* raid tourneys that’s relevant now; and Buddy is more valuable than Valeria.

I find the Halloween heroes really shine if you can run them in pairs. That stackable damage and very fast speed scales up very well.


It entirely depends on your roster needs. Sand Empire has the most number of heroes (6) compared to 3 for Halloween. Sand Empires 2 Legendary Heroes - Rana and Yunan are excellent heroes, Yunan a top tank in the game. There is also the excellent Hisan (3*) and Gafar (4*) as well.

Of the 3 heroes in Halloween, Victor is the chase hero and very good (but superseded by Kage burrito), Valeria average and Vlad pretty bad. Christmas, if you can wait until then, of course provides you with 4 excellent heroes.

I personally will be using my EHT during Sand Empires since I already have Kage and if given the choice of Kage #2 vs Victor, Kage would still win.


I guess i will try my luck with sand heroes then.

Based on that, I’d recommend waiting for Christmas, as some others have suggested.

The Christmas heroes are arguably better than Halloween, and the chances for 5* are so low that Sand Empire may very well just give you duplicates.

I think the biggest argument for using them during Sand Empire for you would be trying for Ranvir or Seshat.

The solstice events have much better limited time heroes than the equinox events.

Hmm I dont have any Christmas heroes either, I will do about 10 summons in sand empire and halloween each and then save all for Christmas event.

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