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Hey everybody, looking for advice on how to change up edit my team moving forward. I’m a little bit limited atm because these are really my only 4*/5* heroes I have (with the exception of an untouched lvl 1 Perseus I pulled). I’m waiting like the rest of the world here to collect my ascension items necessary for each one, but where should I be spending my elemental summons in the meantime (red, yellow, green, etc). I seem to like Tibertus, Melendor, and obviously Thorne, but I just am not sold for whatever reason on Li Xiu or Boldtusk.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

You already have a well rounded team. Just remember that in most cases its best to max a full 4* team before working on 5s (few exceptions). How many farsight telescopes and warm capes do you have? You may be better off fully ascending a 4 blue as Thorne will actually be weaker at level 70 than say Sonya or Grimm. You could also try for Wu Kong if you want a titan killer.

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Just 1 more warm cape to ascend him, need 2 shields for Melendor, 2 orbs for Li Xiu, and 3 blades still for Boldtusk. Unfortunately no trap tools yet.

I definitely like Tibertus (still need him, darn it!) and use Melendor already. I like my Boldtusk when boosting the attack power of my team (and his mini-heal is useful too).

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Thanks :grin: definitely a big fan of Tiburtus. Hopefully I’ll be pulling some crazy good 5* to come, but not too bad for only like 3ish months of playing!

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BE sold on Li Xiu and Boldtusk. Li Xiu has cost me a lot of raid battles when she’s fully ascended in Center position on Defense. If you don’ t have Ares, then you need to Ascend Boldtusk now and max him out. He will make the difference in many offensive battles for you by swinging what looks like certain defeat into a victory.

As others have mentioned: Get yourself Tiburtus and Grim. They are beasts. I swapt them in and our for each other depending on what I’m facing with my baby account. I have Athena on my main account and it’s hard to compete against that.

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Yes, they are both really good. Li Xiu especially for raid defense.

I’m not sure where you go next - you’ve already got such a strong team. You’ve got 2x heals, a debuffer, an attack buffer, a defense debuffer, and a mana sinker.

I might look next for a hard hitting yellow to use on offense and titans (Wu Kong?). Another option is to save your gems for January’s event and roll for some of the Knights of the Round…

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Thanks for the Knights of The Round heads up! Was planning on waiting regardless since I already have Perseus, but the sneak peek advice is much appreciated! Thanks for the analysis there too!

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