Newfound respect for Kadilen

As soon as you max a hero she will be nerfed. That’s called Law of the Queen or something like that. But seriously, hope they don’t nerf Kadilen’s costume (and hope I luckbox into it).

Kadilen’s damage starts to count a lot more following a def down hit, like from Isarnia who I’m a fan of too.

Could you please do a breakdown on kadilen’s costume? I got her during last costume event.

Time has passed and I don’t like her anymore. I barely used her on offense and she only served as my war ‘tank’ for some time, cause my green color just really sucks. Only costume can save her usability, but as a c2p there’s just a tiny chance that I might get it.

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Can anyone tag me who has information on this topic?

My first green… nicknamed booty…

Her kryptonite is her buff doesn’t do anything against Dots and her AE doesn’t scale enough to keep up with opponents natural creep infused mitigation …

So adding Buddy / Evelyn helps, but eats a lot of spots… she can soften all targets — but elk (while only 3) does it better — his heal mitigates dots, hits harder and he makes better use of evelyns / Buddy debuff — staying alive simply helped the team more than a light, pours shield

Plus… he stacks with himself and scales, she doesn’t as much; so she spends a lot of time on the bench … buzzed on tonics, listening to gangster rap, thinking Druidy thoughts and reminiscing about her glory days

Still use her occasionally, in stacks and such, but being green (vs s1 reds like Kelie or Marjana) and the limitations on her buff really hurt her in my lineup… found better s1 druids for the emblems

I know this topic is mostly for the classic version of Kady. But her costume version is very very good on defense. And annoying to Raid against. Her dodge is 45% but (not sure if it’s just me) it feels like her Dodge is more like 85% when facing her on defense.

I’ve seen her on Defense in many of the High Diamond players. She forces you to target her first to take her out. Even before others like Frigg, Odin, or Finley because the Dodge chance is higher than the 45% or so it seems. Making your offense useless unless you can debuff her in time.

Very good hero on defense and I’d rather face Nerfed Telly over Cost Kady. Just my opinion.

I much prefer vanilla Kadilen over vanilla Elkanen. Neither do great damage, but Kadilen’s tram-wide special defense buff has much more potential for benefit than Elkanen’s self-heal. I don’t use her as much as I used to, but I still think she is underrated by a lot of people. I consider her a mid-tier support hero. I wish I had her costume though.

I felt that way too when she was my primary green — then dots and emblems. Lot of the reds cut through the buff like it wasn’t there…

I simply meant if I had both and had to prioritize one … I’d choose Elk to stack with Evelyn and Buddy (earlier in the thread… somewhere); as he scales better later on…

For Vanilla… I’d agree, but would be hard to justify the scopes in 2021 without some sprinkles or something

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Ah that makes sense, thanks for clarifying. I agree, Elk does synergize better with those ‘target and nearby enemies’ heroes, and good point about the increased use of DoT.

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