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I’ve been playing for about a month. I am at level 21. What level should my stronghold be? I am trying to balance building heroes with building my city and I’m not sure if I am focusing on the right things. I currently am constructing stronghold level 12.

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Are you F2P? If not, VIP is an amazing value, especially early in the game. The second builder really speeds up your progress.

You want to get to TC20 as fast as possible, even more if you are free to play.

Do you wanna post your roster for advice? Early on, you wanna focus on maxing your 3* heroes. Then 4s. Only then should you max 5 heroes.


I have spent some money on the game and have quite a few 4-star heroes. I am currently playing with rigard 30-2, chao 50-2, kiril 50-2, little John 21-2 and wilbur 29-2. I am trying to go back and build 2 rainbow teams of 3 star players to help in wars, but they are not fully leveled yet. I am VIP…I do enjoy the 2nd builder.

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Welcome!! You’ve found a great resource… lots of amazing players at all points of the game. Hope you enjoy the game as much as we do… even with all the frustrations that are shared. Remember it is a marathon, not a sprint.

Happy gaming!


What a great team to have from the beginning! Kiril and Ridgard will stay useful well after you’re working on 5*s. And Wilbur…well, he’s one of the very best 4*s of all, and will be useful forever. Raising up rainbows of 3*s is the right move, but getting your current crew up to 3^60 is a good goal, too. That team will take you places.

Stronghold 20 feels like a long way away, but you’ll get there. Make sure your farms and mines keep up with your stronghold level, but that’s not tough to do with VIP. Good luck and welcome to the forums.

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Welcome to the forum! I’m sure you’ll get lots of advice… here’s mine :grin:

  • This game does not really have an end, so don’t try to ‘finish’ the game quickly. Any pace is good as there will always be other players at your level to compete with.
  • One of your best resources in the game is tc20 as you have a chance to get a 5* ‘vanilla’ hero. There’s some great ones in there like Lianna, Sartana and Joon to name a few.
    Getting to tc20 requires your stronghold to be level 20 as well. Work on your stronghold and a single training camp as much as you can.
  • Focus in your 3s and 4s. You already have some nice 4* heroes. I’ve been playing a little over 2 years, have a nice stable of heroes, and STILL use several of the 4s you have as they are great.
  • Don’t feed away your leveled 3s or 4s when you get 5s. Your 3s and 4s will still be useful especially for wars and tournaments. Also, you don’t get back the food, mats, etc you invested.
  • If you’re ever unsure about which heroes to level, post your question in the forums (like this thread :grin:). Adding a screenshot of your roster usually is a good idea.

This is probably more than you asked for so I’ll stop here. Lol. Good luck and have fun!


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