Newbie asking for help

Hello and thanks for your time. I have been playing for almost 2 months and would like to know what to do next?
I have gotten a lot of help for my alliance but I feel like I’m not using my heros correctly.

I have 5… 5* hero’s… 3 Anzogh
1 Magni
1 Ariel
I have 20…4* hero’s

1 Little John
1 Kiril
2 Kashhrec
1 Grimm
1 Sabrina
2 Boldtusk
1 Wo Kong
1 BorI’ll
1 Chao
1 Cyprain
1 Jack O’ heir
1 Rigard
1 Sonya
1 Skuttleskull
1 Nasgar
1 Hu Tao
1 Melendar
1 Scarlett
1 Tiburtus

Was wanting to know with what I have what I should be leveling up for WAR,
Titian’s, and missions.

Thank you for your help!!


Because you’re a newish player, you are best to focus on maxing some 4*s first. Although it cam be tempting to start the 5s, having at least 10 maxed 4s behind you first will help save mats towards your 5s.

Once you have at least 10-15 4s maxed then work on a 5*.

It’s good to start a rainbow:

Skittle Skull

Once these are maxed then work on the next 5:

Bold Tusk

Remember when feeding your heroes, feed them their like colors (blue to blue) until their special is fully maxed to 8/8. Once the special is fully leveled you can then look at feeding all colors if you want to.

In order of 5s I’d suggest Ariel, Magni then Anzogh.

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The first five I would max is
1 Tiburtus
2 Boldtusk
3 Grimm
4 Chao
5 Little John
Followed by
6 Kiril
7 Wu Kong
8 Rigard
9 Skittleskull
10 Scarlett
Tiburtus, Grimm, Boldtusk, Rigard, and Kiril will stay in your lineups for LONG LONG time. Wu Kong is a must have for titan scores.

Been awhile since I’ve helped out with one of these, so I may be a little rusty, but I’ll give it a go:

Alright, so solid advice above. You’ll definitely want to focus on your 4* first, as they’ll be stronger than your 5* until your 5* hit 4T, and I doubt you have enough mats to take any all the way yet anyway. Also, they’re quicker and cheaper to level than 5*, and take half as many mats. So, I wouldn’t be working on any 5* heroes until either you 1. Run out of solid heroes to work on in that color 2. You have all or most of the mats to take them to 80 3. They’re extremely good heroes, with uniquely helpful specials, that would be of use at 60 or 70.

Also, I’d stick to on-color feedings, building up a rainbow team of 4* one after the other, as there’s a 20% exp bonus with on-color meaning you’ll get more heroes leveled in the long-run.

I prefer variety over dupes, so I’d always level a unique hero when you’ve got one. However, certain dupes come in handy, like the heroes with versatile specials (healing, buffs, defense downs, etc), so I’d hold onto them while you’re filling out your roster for war. If it comes to it, purchasing roster space is fairly cheap, and a much better option than feeding away a hero that could be difficult for you to obtain again.

Also, I’d be keeping one of every solid 3* for events and war. I’ll list them below, and would recommend working on them after you’ve completed a few teams of 4* first. They’re super fast and cheap, and you’ll need them if you’d like to participate in all of the Weekly Raid Challenges as well.

First, I have to say it is usually much easier for someone to give assistance with an actual photo of your roster, as it helps us to visualize who you have without having to read through a list. As you’ll want to do one hero of each color at a time, at the very least, grouping by color would help a ton. So, this may be a little more difficult for me to spot what heroes should go where, but I’ll give it a try. Just for future reference, but I’ll make it work :wink:

Red: Boldtusk is an amazing hero, makes an excellent tank, and has a solid attack buff that’s amazing for titans and raids. Plus, you’ll need several healers for war, so I’d focus on him first. Next, I’d do Scarlett for that crazy high attack stat; she’ll work amazingly against green titans and in a red stack. Super squishy though, so belongs in the wings on defense. After her, I’d do your second Boldtusk unless you happen to get any other unique red 4* first. (4*)

Nashgar, Hawkmoon, Azar, Rudolph, Namahage, Squire Wabbit (3*)

Anzogh can wait. He’s an alright hero, and your only red 5*, but will be much weaker than your 4* until he hits 4T. So I’d be waiting to level him til last, and only take him to 60, or 70, and play around with him first before deciding to spend 4* mats on him. He may work for you, but it’s best to be sure before using those mats, as they’re extremely rare and difficult to obtain. He works well in a red stack, but isn’t the most spectacular hero. Still has his uses, but again, best to see if he works with what you’re looking for first (5*).

Blue: Grimm first for sure; he’s the best of the pulverizers, so he’ll be of use in nearly every aspect of the game- especially vs Titans. Next, I’d do Kiril for that buff and heal (they’re amazing). Third, I’d do Sonya for that fast hit and dispel; dispel is an important tool to have at your disposal. Do Boril last (4*).

Valen, Ulmer, Gato, Gunnar (3*)

Both Ariel and Magni are top-tier 5* heroes, that both definitely deserve 4* mats when the time comes. Magni is an amazing fast sniper with an incredibly high attack stat and a great defense buff, and Ariel is one of the only average speed 5* all allies healers. Ariel also cleanses all allies, with a mana gen boost, so like a super charged Rigard. As she’s not dependent on being at 80 for her SS to be the most useful, she’d be a good candidate for going to 60 or 70 early because of that heal, cleanse and buff. So I’d actually start her after Sonya, maybe even after Kiril if you find yourself having enough dispellers at your disposal. As for Magni, I’d wait to work on him a little longer, as he really needs to be at 80 to excel, but would still probably put him before Boril, as I’m not a huge fan of his (5*)

Green: I’d do Jack O’Hare first for that incredible attack stat and fast special for some firepower, so will be great against blue titans and in a green stack. Then, I’d do Melendor for that deep heal and dispel, since both are handy. Although, he is pretty squishy, so not the best of the healers, but that attack stat works well when you need the tile damage. After, I’d do Kashhrek if you decide you want a better tank than Boldtusk, or if you need more healers, but if neither are necessary, then I’d hold off on him for a bit. Instead, I’d do Little John for that attack stat again; he can be extremely destructive if he goes off. Then, I’d do Kash if you haven’t already. Skittleskull last. Wouldn’t bother with the Kash dupe for awhile unless you’re desperate for healers (4*).

Belith, Brienne, Berden, Mnesseus, Hisan (3*)

Yellow: Definitely do Wu Kong first for that tile buff; he’s one of the most crucial heroes for titans if you want to score well. That tile buff is insane, but not as great in raids unless you’re against someone you’re much weaker than, giving you an edge if he pulls through. After, I’d do Chao for a fast mana cut; mana control is extremely important to have, and he looks to be your only one at this time. Hu Tao last (4*)

Bane, Gan Ju, Melia, Kailani (3*)

Purple: I’d do Rigard first for that cleanse, as he’s the only 4* with that SS, and has an amazing heal. I regularly run two healers, so this could work to your advantage while you’re just starting out. After, I’d do Tiburtus for another pulverizer, as he’ll be great vs holy titans and in a purple stack. After, I’d do Sabina for another healer and dispeller; she’s squishy like Melendor, but another great attack stat. Cyprian last (4*)

Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin, Gill-Ra (3*)

Hope this helps; feel free to ask anymore questions if you have any :blush:


Thanks for the run down on my hero’s. I will get to work on that now!
All of my heros ate at 2 bars with exception of a few I have at 3 bars… Like Little John
These are at the 3 bars if this helps any?
What do you think now???

I regret that I have but one like to give for this advice, @RandaPandah. I would have said very much the same thing.

The only reason I’m commenting at all was to say how stunned I was to see two folks recommending Skittleskill over Melendor in green. Both are somewhat squishy with high attack stats, but Skittles is slow mana with an AOE that ends up not dealing that much damage to any one hero (assuming you can fire it before she dies). Melendor’s heal+dispel is almost always useful, and he’s average mana to boot. I have both maxed (Skittles only because I had a ton of shields and nowhere else to put them), and Skittles is still pretty terrible at 4^70, while Melendor is getting all my druid emblems and still makes my first team for almost every aspect of the game. Give Gandalf some love, folks.


@RandaPandah, from my experience is well versed in EP gameplay. You would do well to take her advice. I’ve found her nothing but helpful since beginning my EP addic…Er, Career. Good luck!! May RNGesus smile kindly on you.


I’m going to agree with almost everything everyone said, except if WAR is a major priority to you.

If it is more important than titans or raiding or events, then follow the advice previously given except:

  1. build a 3* war defence team first. It’s not sexy but it will help your team, and can be done in a week or two instead of a month or two. That’s many more wars where you’ll have a reasonable defence vs a weak one. Gunnar is a great tank. Check w your team - they may want you to run a specific colour tank - if so, follow that. If not, gunnar is your boy. Rudolph is a super 3* hitter so he’s be my next choice if you have him. Squire Rabbit ans Namahage are good alternatives. Green I’d go Brienne or Belith. Purple Balthasar is the best. Yellow, Bane is the dude!

3* heroes are useful on cleanups vs the other team’s weak teams (finishing off one or two 4/5* heroes that a stronger team mate didn’t quite kill on their hit. This let’s strong team mates save their flags for hitting full teams. It’s not glamorous but it’s the most solid contribution you can make right away. They also have a new strong roll in some raid tournaments and as soon as developers sort out match making the prizes will go back to being very good and a way for you to farm needed 4* Ascension items faster.

  1. once you have a 3* defence team done, make a 3* hitting team. Again, fast to finish and useful in war and challenge events.

With 2 solid 3 star teams you’ll be able to start finishing rare level challenge events and gaining Ascension materials that your 4*s will need.

  1. repeat step 1 but with 4* defenders. Kashrek is your best tank. BoldTusk is a good option B. I’d follow the previous advice for 4*s at this point, leaning toward making a defence team first, then striker team.

When you’re done that, you’ll have 4 good teams and be ready to elevate Ariel and Anzogh, then Magni… and whoever else you’re lucky to pull between now and July.

Hold onto your other two Anzogh’s for Upcoming update of hero academy.


It sounds like you’ve been throwing your feeders around to too many months if they’re all in second ascension. I’d recommend focusing on only one hero in each color at a time until they’re either 1. Maxed or 2. At the mat wall. This ensures their stats are at their highest, therefore they perform the best. It also helps so you can set them aside while knowing there’s nothing more you can do, yet they’re still strong enough to use, while you work on your next set. If you throw around your feeders to too many mouths at one time, it can slow your progress down significantly. So best to do one at a time for now.

Depending on where exactly they’re all at, assuming they’re all around the same levels with a few stragglers, I’d still follow what I put as best as possible. Having two greens in 3T without any yellow or red will become a problem quickly, so I’d focus your attention on building a few full rainbow teams of 4* first.

If Kiril is quite a bit further ahead than Grimm, then I’d continue with him first, and then do Grimm. If you were to do that though, I’d make sure to start on Scarlett before Boldtusk so you have enough firepower.

As for your greens, if these two are a lot further than your others, you could finish LJ so you have some attack in there, then continue with Kashhrek after so that you have a solid tank for your defense set up, then move onto Jack.

Purple, finish Sabina off if she’s close, then I’d do Tibs for another hitter (too many healers right away without enough hitters can also become a problem too), then Rigard.

However, like I said, this all depends on what you mean by 2T and 3T. If they’re just starting out on their levels on that tier, then you could ignore the above and just follow my immediate advice. However, if they’re getting close to level 60 on 3T, it would be much faster to finish them off first before starting on anyone new.

So this is why a photo of your roster would help a ton, as well. Helps me visualize exactly what levels your heroes are at, to help you figure out what leveling decisions make the most sense for you at this time. Like I said, if they’re all fairly close in levels, then follow my original advice. If a few are almost finished with their levels on 3T, then focus on only them until they’re done, then move onto the next.

I don’t know if you can max anyone currently, but while you’re just starting out, some people prefer to bring their 4* to 60 before spending the mats to max them at 70. 3/60 4* are still very strong and will help you complete most things in game as is. Also, you can level two 4* to 3/60 in the time it takes to take one 4* to 4/70. You’ll have to decide which route you’d like to go, but honestly, I’d only start maxing the heroes in the order I’ve listed then in my first reply. Those will be the most versatile, so they’ll be worthy of the mats right away, and help you most in the long-run.

If there’s any more questions regarding your roster, it may help for me [and others] to see an actual photo of it to be more precise. Regardless, always feel free to ask! Happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:


Given who you have at 3 chevrons ( I think that’s what you mean by bars), I would prioritize as follows:

Green: Kashhrek, Little John - both are fairly far along, and Kashhrek is a decent tank ( middle position) guy who also heals adjacents. Little John is better for Titans, though. I would feed the one unleveled Kashhrek to the leveled one when he gets close to done. Of the others, Melendor & Jack O’Hare next in that order. Skittleskull is last, and will keep getting pushed back by other Green 4* you don’t have.

Red: Boldtusk, then Scarlett. Boldtusk is also a good tank, and is important for titans and pretty much everywhere. Scarlett is pretty good, as well.

Blue: Kiril is pretty far along, so he’s fine as a first one. Grimm then Sonya & Boril after that as far as priorities go. Sonya/Boril choice depends on play style - I prefer Boril, others don’t.

Yellow: Wu Kong is crucial for good titan scores. As long as you’re in an alliance that kills titans, he’s the #1 Yellow to level. I’d probably take Hu Tao second, because he’s more annoying for me to face on defense in Raids. I love seeing Chao there. Really, you’re sort of hoping to get a better 4* option to come along here.

Sabina is furthest along, while she’s not the one I would’ve done first, she’s solid enough to finish up. I’d then do Tiburtus, then Rigard, both are useful, but I find having the pulverizers for Titans to be a bit more important. Cyprian last, although I like him, but I like riposte, which many don’t.

I’d leave the 5* alone for a bit, until you get some 4* fairly far along.

I don’t see any 3* listed, except Nashgar in your list. I’d recommend to basically follow Randah Pandah’s advice, although I find Isshtak (Green) & Dawa ( Yellow) also useful at times, but they are lower priorites.

I would recommend to feed duplicate 3* heroes to the identical hero you are leveling, as it will really help get the specials up.

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