New War Rule -- ⏩ Rush Attack

This topic is to discuss & give feedback on the new War Rule - Rush Attack.

For the full release notes:

As a reminder, this was the last seen Beta Information on this rule:

Apparently I was a little light on with the details… but there isn’t much more too it.

:exploding_head: Additional Clarifications

  • ALL Mana Speeds are set to Very Fast.

  • Base tiles required are 6.5 in attack. A 9% incrase in mana generation (Level 11 Mana Troop) drops this to 6 tiles.

  • Ninja Heroes are ALSO set to Very Fast mana… Meaning they go from needing 4.9 tiles to needing 6.5 tiles PER CHARGE… Yes this is a down-grade but not everything can come out aces.

:ballot_box: Polls!!

:question: Do you LIKE this new war rule?

  • Yes I love it :heart_eyes:
  • I like it :slight_smile:
  • I’m indifferent to it :neutral_face:
  • I dislike it :frowning:
  • I hate it… It’s worse than field aid :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
  • I’m undecided yet…

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:question: Who do you think this rule benefits more?

  • Attacking Team
  • Defending Team
  • Both equally
  • Neither team
  • Unsure/ undecided.

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:question: What do you think of the Mana Speed Alteration?

  • Great as is
  • Should be set to “Charge” Mana
  • Should be set to “Fast” mana
  • Should be set to “Average” Mana
  • Should be set to “Slow” Mana

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:question: Did this rule make you rethink your strategy?

  • Attack Strategy / heroes Only
  • Alliance Defence Strategy Only
  • both attack and defence strategies
  • Not really either attack or defence
  • No… Leeeeerrroooooyyyyy jerrnnnnkkkkiiiinnnnnssssssssssssss…!!!

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:question: Do you think that this rule makes War “Easier” / “Less Challenging”?

  • Yes, It’s easier
  • No, It’s harder
  • Hasn’t made a difference/ No change.

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This will be fun, let’s discuss defenses. Mine and one I think is good for my beloved teammate :fox_face:

Thoughts, i think minion meat shield, mana cut etc will be good beside the logical suspects. I think miki and minions is devastating if I understand his skill correctly, don’t have him but he should boost minion attack too. His silence will be great too since specials load so fast. Puss out for Freya maybe :thinking:
Heimdall tanks will kill everyone’s optimism :smile:
Finally great use for Snow White, awaiting a lot of Elenas attacking green tanks, she will pulverise them :blush:


VF alfrike omfg


or black knight, that war will deliver a lot of zero points :laughing:
santa clause :exploding_head:

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I’m going with this

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Wouldn’t keep a single sniper in, even colen, skittle or
Li are better imo :thinking: heimdall is the best but you need some hitting-all too, only heal and no kill, don’t know :thinking: khagan, irsania and stuff like that rules this time.

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My hope is they stay healed and neith keeps them blind and they just get slapped to death

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Sure, but opponent will be super fast too, snipers give too much time to cleanse the blind etc. imo.
Why keep a sniper in if you have a hit 3 or all sniper then at same speed.
Justice, elena, irsania, quintus, Azlar, those are the classic ones to shine this time.

I’m going with this. I usually bring Zim or Black Knight in place of Raffaele and Vela in place of Santa Claus.

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Wow, black knight rules that one too, maybe mix it up and kick sartana for the knight, I would. :thinking:
I don’t care about going rainbow, especially in that one,

Thought about that but I feel I will be missing fire power

Then throw in a classic slow 5star hit-all hero too for musashi maybe :thinking: since specials will rule tiles this time I would rely on bk and Santa anyway.

Just have Vivica +9 and Leonidas leveled up. Don’t feel like they improve Musashi

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That’s correct, Raffael will do the healing and leonidas, well is leonidas :smile:

Do you think Leonidas with no emblems would improve the set up with Musashi +19?

Nooo, I was joking about leonidas but I’m no native speaker, so jokes not always work :smile:

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I’ll try this! Also have BK+18, but I think Elena will be better at this.

Oh, and maybe it’s time to max Justice now, got 15 darts too.


Your two greens are close together - no desire to swap LotL and Alfrike?

We use green tanks

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how ninja heroes work in superfast war? 6,5 tiles for charge 1 or charge 3?

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