Mana Troops work on Defense?

Hi everyone!

I was wondering. I just got a mana troop up to level 11, which, according to what I’ve read, brings Kageburado from 6.5 tiles to 6 tiles. Nice!

My question is does this benefit extend to Defense? And I guess I’m also asking, since I don’t know, if mana speeds on heroes impact Defense mana replenishment as well?

So does Kage gain mana faster on Defense than say Khagan, and would the mana troop make that even faster?

While I’m at it… I’m wondering, would it be worth it to get mana troops up to 11 for each color? Now that Raid Tournament has a “everyone is Very Fast” mode, it may come in handy to swap troops out for that extra advantage.

Thanks all!

Yes, but defenses gains mana differently than on attacks.

Why not? It’s a very viable strategy :slight_smile:
Another way could be to use heroes that increase mana genaration to allies as Sir Lancelot, Khagan, boss Wolf or Ariel.

I would level a rainbow set pf mana troops as higher as I could, they are very useful in wars.


Thank you FraVit93!

I know that on Defense the heroes gain a fixed amount of mana each turn and depending on attacks; I just wanted to confirm that their mana speed affects that amount on defense. Sounds like it does.

Thanks again!

It definitely is worth leveling mana troops for the 5* very fast tournaments. I never thought I’d see the day where I gave Vivica my leveled mana troops instead of Jackal, but this tournament has a sea of Gravemakers and Kunchens, and it’s been lifesaving to be able to access a cleanse in 2 matches.

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