Transfer emblems from Vela to Freya for Raid Defence?

Hey guys,

Currently I have a minion heavy team on raid defence, but looking to make it even more minion heavy …

Finley / PiB / Telluria / Vela / QoH

But I’ve just maxed Freya and am considering replacing Vela in the raid defence team. I was wondering if I should also transfer the emblems from Vela to Freya as well … what do you guys think?



I think it’s a mistake…but I don’t like Freya at all personally. She just sits there.

I wouldn’t. With that many minion generators, Freya’s Ravens would be replaced too quickly for them to help much

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I wouldn’t if it’s just for raid defense… that’s not a major focus of the game. Every raidD can be beaten, eventually. I’d focus efforts on war D and your offensive war heroes.

… just my thoughts…

Opinion from someone actually using Freya…
My defense wins have gone up using Freya as flank.

Freya is underrated because most people haven’t been using her.

So I would recommend using Freya. however… I am also using vela on flank too.


My only note is flanking Telluria w puss and Freya is too passive.

Tell and puss will overwrite each others healing over time.

And since Freya is passive defense up… it may help to make sure one of those flanks hits the enemy.

Maybe u can switch Finley to flank. but since puss and Freya are both passive… I think switch out one for more active hitter hero,

May take time but if u get seshat or other hitter w minions… could be brutal.

Thanks for the advice guys … won’t switch the emblems!

PIB would generate a Raven for Freya so the only hero competing for adding minions is Telly. Thats a great looking minion team with added attack added defense and healing. I’d roll with it

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