Telluria or Freya?

I have Telluria maxed. But is Freya better since telluria is nerfed so hard?

紫色fraya更好 配上左frigg右奥丁 无敌存在

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If you are still tanking Telly keep the empems there and give the rest to Freya. If not, I’d reset.

This time my choice will be freya

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I should have mentioned, I also have Vela fully leveled. 9 emblems

Telluria flanked by Vela allow me to stay a 2600 trophy without playing much raids… Vela and Freya are sharing the same emblems I believe. I would keep Telluria as a tank. I dont know your other heroes that may help to know.

Tyr, Vela, clarissa, drake fong, Telluria. Are my current team. Freya is on my 2nd team

Definitely Freya. I have them both. And together they are magnificent.

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