New to the Game, which Heroes Should I work on?

Stronghold level 10 you can start upgrading troops. Keep at least 1 rainbow set of your 2 star troops. You’ll need them for challenge events.

Ok one last question or questions. Whats number by Ascension Bar on people I see and do I max level up 1s and 2s to feed to 3s and 4s or does it not matter

I’d max Namahage first, and then use Gormek as the “new red” for the Second round:

Belith. She’s astronomically better than Friar Tuck, as she heals all, and dispels buffs from enemies.

I wouldn’t prioritize troops anytime soon, and I wouldn’t level 2* troops at all, or 3* troops very much. 4* troops take forever to get, but when you do, having the feeders for them is very useful.

And unlike heroes, you can have unlimited troops on hand.

Don’t level up 1 or 2* heroes before feeding them to other heroes, you’ll just lose XP that way. Just feed them straight to your 3 and 4* heroes.

Which number do you mean?

The level on the left? XP on the bar? Attack/defense/health below the bar? The number above the ascension chevrons on some heroes?

Thanls for all the info. I actually have one red 4 troop some minatour thing. Yes the number above some ascension chevron on some heroes

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This is what I meanScreenshot_2019-03-04-00-16-15

Those are Talent Grid upgrade levels.

Once a hero is maxed, you can use Class Emblems to further upgrade it.

Here’s my Wilbur at +7 — notice how 7 of the Talent Grid Nodes are unlocked.

Each hero has a set Class, and each Class has a set Talent.

The Talents are special abilities that have a chance to activate in different circumstances, and don’t require mana like the Special Skill.

The Talent Grid also allows for further upgrades to attack, defense, and health — and you have some choice in which you focus on.

Here are some other threads with useful info on this:

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Wow awesome information. I see I have a lot to learn and a lot of work to do lol

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I got Kashhrek is he better healer then Belith also is Frida good

I had Kashrek and he is not worth prioritizing over Belith on the stage you are on. Kash is worth considering later on, once you start working on your defense team. But first focus on your offense, this is what brings you forward now. Kashrek can wait. Believe me, Kashrek was for very long time my only healer. It was very tough to manage, since he only heals 3 heroes. Meaning on long games I always had 2 I had to keep up with potions or simply leave to die.

Frida is good but she’s going to be most useful once you already have couple maxed blue heroes. Otherwise she will feel underwhelming. Did you have chance pulling any other blue since?

Kashhrek is a very specific hero. It is one of the best tanks (hero in a central position of a defense team). It has strong defense and health stats when maxed and average mana speed, plus extra defense agains red attacks. So, when in raids or Alliance war defense Kashhrek effectively resists even doubled or tripled red attacking heroes. But as a healer for offense it is not good because of a low attack and ability to heal only two neighbors.

Above in thread is screenshot of all my heroes currently

Yes, but he only heals his neighbors. Ascend him ASAP and use him as your tank on defense.

When guy just started the game, he can’t really ascend a hero just focusing on defense. He needs to build his first solid rainbow team, then cover for the rest. Kashrek is no good for the first solid rainbow team. Probably not even good as the second.

On first month of game he has far bigger concerns than who is he going to use as a tank. - But definitely, Kashrek is great tank, I only stopped using him last month, when I replaced him with Kunchen on last ascension. He brought me all the way to diamond raids.

Ok, so you don’t really have a good blue heroes yet that Frida would stack well with. Leave her out for now. You need blue hitters first, preferably 4 stars.

So ascend Belith , my red and Valen. Then replace red with gormek or what. I was thinking Joon, Tiburtis, Gormek, Frida and Belith

So caved and bought a pack and now summoned bumch of stuff with no idea what to build. So could use advice for main team , 2nd etc. Here is everything I got

The best advice is to stop chasing heroes for a while and learn to use what you already have.


You have good heroes to max. If I were you, I’d start working on a 4* rainbow team. Li Xiu, Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Grimm. For green you can either work on Kadhhrek and use him in raid and AW defense, or max 3* Berden or Brianna for now and wait for better green 4* option.

You can also buy some extra slots for your roster to keep 1 and 2* feeding heroes.

I really agree with this advice. This game is all about patience. I am completely F2P, and I have not regretted how long it took me to build a good team, because a) I learned a lot along the way, and b) I now have a decent bench for wars and class quests instead of just one super team and nothing else. Honestly, for me, the choke points didn’t last very long.

I built a decent three-starish team first - Bane, Karil, Nashgar, Friar Tuck, and Layla - although when I pulled my first four-star (Kelile) I used her instead of Nashgar, since they basically have the same special. Getting a purple to replace Layla was my first choke point. Finally pulled Sabina (four-star), but that three-star purple hole in my lineup was still a problem for me in challenge events, so I have now gone back and leveled one, even though purple is my strongest color with multiple four-stars.

Eventually, I built a strong rainbow four-star team - Grimm, Sabina, Melendor, Gormek, and Danzaburo. Would I have built it differently if I had my choice of heroes? Yeah, a little. But again, I felt it was helpful to work with what I was given. Finding a yellow four-star was another choke point, and Danzaburo would have been way down the list of the ones I would have chosen, but playing him has actually been somewhat fun. Also took me a long time to find a four-star blue (Grimm was actually my preference there, and I celebrated demonstrably in front of my kids when I pulled him), but that gave me a chance to level quite a few three-star blues and figure out which ones I liked best.

I pulled my first five-star (Onatel) in January. Because the materials to level her are so rare, I predict it will be September before I collect enough to get her fully ascended. (Yes, when you are F2P, it really takes that long.) That’s why folks are telling you to slow down and focus on what you have.

Speaking of what you have, I can tell you a bit about how well I liked a few of the ones we have in common. I found Friar Tuck to be utter garbage. He was my first healer after Sharon, so I was excited to pull him, but that only healing nearby allies bit gets old real quick, and the minor mana bump doesn’t nearly compensate for it. You are lucky to have pulled Belith early. She is so much better. By the time I pulled her, I already had Sabina and Melendor.

I also liked Valen a bit more than folks here seem to have. He’s still my best fighter class hero (sad), and that defense down is quite nice early on. I really wanted to like Graymane (self-heal, sniper, and a cool wolf design), but even after getting him maxed, I was really disappointed. Same with Gato. Good damage, protection from ailments, fast mana, and cool reptilian design, but I was never able to get much mileage out of him either. I haven’t maxed Prisca or Renfeld, but given that their specials are the same as Graymane’s, I’m guessing they would be similarly underwhelming, even when properly leveled.

As for your four-stars, I was surprised at how weakly Gormek hits, even when completely maxed. He’s still my best red option - the other being Kelile - and the defense down is nice, but it’s just something to keep in mind. You have two options that I don’t currently in Boldtusk and Colen. From facing both of them in battle, I think they are great options. Colen doesn’t get much love, it seems, because of his slow mana, but he has messed my world up in more than one raid. I see you also have the other two ramming pulverizer guys - Grimm and Tiburtus. I’d level them and not look back. I love both.

Just one guy’s observations.

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Wow seriously want to say thanks for all the help. These are the 3 teams I put together . Let me kbow if I should change slots etc on any. I definitely am not chasing anymore heroes. I have learned the hard way lol. Thanks for everything

Oh also is it worth leveling up troops at all cause I have Barracks Lv 1 now

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