New to game. Need team help

Hello everyone. I am pretty new and was wondering if o could get a little help on my team format. Capture%20_2019-01-05-08-47-05

This is all the heros I have at the moment seeing if I have a decent lineup or if there is something I should ve working on.

Thank you

Personal opinion: Before starting on something new, finish what you’ve already started. You have some 3* and 4* heroes already ascended a little. Finishing them off and occasionally working in one of your other 3* and 4* heroes to set up an appropriate team for raids or a world stage will help you get more acquainted with who does what, which mana speeds you like to use, etc.

So… finish what you’ve started and see how far it can take you.

Clearly noteworthy heroes in your list to make use of and add to leveling priorities (for after you’re done leveling the current crew):

  • Boldtusk
  • Buddy
  • Tiburtus
  • Grimm
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I agree with the above suggestion. I’ll add for your defense if you are using the top 5 heroes the order I would put them would be Sabina, Grimm, Buddy, Hu Tau, Colen. This way if all were ready to fire they go left to right. Sabina to dispell, Grimm defense down, Buddy attack down, damage, damage.

Edit: looked at Buddy and Grimm maxed cards. Same defense down but Grimm is 6 turns to Buddy’s 3. So may want to put Sabina, Hu, Buddy, Grimm, Colen. This also shields Sabina with Hu being yellow. Think I like that more. :blush:

It has been a world wind for me with this game. As a fellow nebie - read, read, read. I still don’t know how to manipulate the positioning of my heroes yet but I do know that you have two choice’s. One heavy hitter’s and a hero that revives all the others; or an extreme hitter and a combo of heroes that may only affect those near them. So I agree totally with the previous post. However, you have two choice’s when it comes to your defense team. You can go low or high. If you go low your defense team will be beat most of the time but the practice during revenge I believe is evaluable. If you go high you will when a lot more but you will also attract more attention and if you are not ready to fight on that level you’re screwed, not because of your line up but the senior players have their strategies down and beat you even with a less powerful line up. That is my two cent’s worth so I’ll shut up :sunglasses:. Good luck and take your time.

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Thank you all for the help and suggestions :grin:

If you’re pretty new and have that roster, I’m going to guess you’ve been spending a reasonable amount to do pulls. My advice is to hold off on doing any more pulls, and focus on levelling what you have.

If you have some extra money to spend on gems, I’d use them to increase your hero capacity. Matched color training, and feeding 10 heroes at a time, significantly speeds up your progress in levelling and cuts down on the food cost. But that means that you need enough space to store those feeder heroes.

I won’t comment on who to level first. The above advice from people is good, and further, @RandaPanduh is a go-to person for that kind of advice, and I’m sure she’ll stop by soon.


You have a solid roster of 4*s for a new player, but I would level a different set of heroes first.

Boldtusk is a top tier healer, wheras Colen is a more niche slow damage dealer.
Tiburtus is a must-have hero alongside Grimm, Gormek, and Buddy for the defense reduction. Sabina is fine, but squishy for a healer.
Hu Tao isn’t a great hero, so I’d level Chao to have at least one fast mana sniper in your rainbow team.

Boldtusk > Colen
Tiburtus > Sabina
Chao > Hu Tao
Buddy and Grimm are great.


I agree with @Wharflord on who to prioritize.

I would also encourage you to bookmark this thread and read it. A lot. This is the collected wisdom of many experienced and respected players


Thank you @Garanwyn :grin:

I agree with most of what’s already been said; I would focus on one hero at a time (in each color) until they’re either maxed, or stuck at a mat wall. From the looks of it, you must be lacking tall boots; no worries, those will come to you after farming provinces 12+. Those will allow you to take your 4* to 3T and max at 60 until you acquire all of the necessary unfarmable materials to max them completely.

I’d also consider keeping any good 3* you pull. They will help fill out your roster, for both war and stacking, and will allow you to complete the beginner tier of the challenge event. They’re super fast and cheap to level, but ultimately will be weaker than your 4* (once they hit 3T), so they’re not as much of a priority as your 4* are (imo). I’d recommend working on them after you’ve finished a few 4* in that color, or for when you run out of heroes to work on due to hitting the mat wall. I’ll list the important ones below.

& If you happen to pull a 5*, I’d recommend holding off leveling them until your team becomes more developed. A lot of people get excited after pulling them and start work on them immediately, but a 5* at 2/60 is weaker than a 4* at 3/60. Plus, they’re more costly to feed, and more time-consuming as well. They don’t really start to really shine until they’re maxed or close to it. Just for future reference if that happens anytime soon :blush:


Red: Since Colen is already at 50 anyway, I would definitely work on Boldtusk. Having several healers at your disposal is important, but Boldtusk also buffs attack. That buff is crucial, and you’ll use it almost everywhere. Especially considering how many defense down heroes you have; combined together is an amazing synergy. Plus, once he’s leveled, you can trade out Sabina for Boldtusk for when you don’t need a dispeller, but still need a healer. Then, you can go back to Colen, but only after you’ve taken Boldtusk to at least 60, but preferrably 70 when you have the mats; Boldtusk should definitely be the one you max first. Colen will be used mostly defensively, but he’s got a decent attack stat, so will work well for a red-stack against green Titans or tanks. Kelile will be the next project for a fast mana sniper. Although, depending on how many pulls you do, or TC’s you’ll have running, I’d put Scarlett and Gormek before both Colen and Kelile if you pull them. (4*)

Nashgar, Hawkmoon, Rudolph, Azar, Namahage (3*)

Blue: Keep working on Grimm; he’s the best of the blue 4* and also the best pulverizer. Definitely a good pull, having him this early in the game. You’ll use his defense down everywhere. (4*)

Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar, Gato (3*)

Green: Buddy is also an amazing hero, and not only lowers defense, but lowers attack and summons minions as well. Continue on with him; he’ll be a great addition on just about any team. Then, I spose you could do Skittles for the tile damage, but I’m honestly not a fan of hers. Still, variety is nice to have, and she’s your only other unique green 4*. A second Buddy is worth considering leveling though. (4*)

Belith, Berden, Brienne, Mnesseus (3*)

Yellow: Hu Tao falls flat for me, so I’d start working on Chao instead to eventually replace Hu on your team with him. Chao hits fast and cuts mana, which you’ll end up using a lot more than Hu’s blind. Once he’s done, and you have no other yellow 4* to work on, then you could go back to Hu Tao for the variety. Not a huge fan of his either (4*).

Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani, Melia (3*)

Purple: I’d actually finish Sabina off at 50 before dumping her, considering she’s your only dispeller at the moment and does heal quite a bit. Until you get Boldtusk up and running, she’s also your only healer, so keep with her until you can trade her out. She has decent tile damage, but is a lot more squishy than a typical healer, so not the best for that purpose. Tiburtus however is amazing, so I’d work on him after Sabina’s at 50; having all of the pulverizers leveled will do you well in the future (4*).

Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin, Gill-Ra (3*)

Future Defense Team:

Sabina-Buddy-Boldtusk-Grimm-Chao (if you want a second healer and a dispeller)


Tiburtus-Buddy-Boldtusk-Grimm-Chao (for a more offensive defense; a lot of pulverizers, but they’re good so it’s alright)

For your attack team, I’d stick to rainbow for the map and raiding, at least until you get a few more heroes leveled. Then you can decide for yourself if you want to try color-stacking. If you do, I would start off by only doubling the color that’s strong vs the tank, removing the weak color, and going from there. If you like it, and feel you’ve gotten the hang of it, you could add another number to the strong color, or stack another color on top of that (usually vs the flank). It takes awhile to get used to though, so I wouldn’t start off by going too crazy about it.

For Titans, you’ll want to bring in as many heroes that are strong vs that Titan as you can, while also including Boldtusk as your healer/attack buffer. You’ll want at least one defense down hero as well, although you could do more than that considering you have three. Titans are all about tile damage, so it’s best to go with the heroes that are strong (or neutral) with the highest attack stats for your fillers.

This forum has a lot of good reads, and a lot of amazing information out there. I’d highly recommend taking the time to search a few things you’re curious about, or ask anymore questions you may have. We’re all happy to help in anyway that we can. Good luck :blush:


@RandaPanduh Great post. This forum is lucky to have you and your thoughts are always welcome.


That’s alot of very useful Information i learned alot reading this post people have commented on my box but not to this extent

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If you ever have any specific questions you’d like answered, always feel free to ask. There’s a messaging app called Line, that’s very useful if you have several questions you want answered quickly. Although, if you’d like to hear from the community here on the forum, I’d make a post while asking what you’re curious about. Plenty of people here are definitely willing to help (including me) :blush:

If you ever want, feel free to tag me, and I’ll find your post immediately when I log-in and I’ll do my best to help with it as soon as I get the chance. I used to check most new posts, but I’ve been slightly more busy lately, so the tagging makes my job (finding people who need my help) that much easier. I’d love to help you if there’s anything you’d like to know though (& I do have Line btw).