Hi everybody, I need another help please :)

I know, another person asking for help… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But yes, I need someone who can help me choose a good defense and offense team.
I’ve been playing for about 6 months and I’ve already picked a good number of heroes, but I don’t have the materials to ascend all and I’m a bit confused.
For defense I was thinking good healers and damage takers (for exemple). So I was thinking on something like this:

Defense: Boldtusk - Sabina (or Cyprian) - Kashhrek - Kiril - Li Xiu
Ofense: Grimm - Melendor - Boldtusk (or Kaghan) - Wu Kong - Tiburtus

I don’t know if these are the best heroes for the teams so I need all the help I could get!

These are my heroes:

If you could please help so I can start concentrating and leveling up the right heroes!

Thank you very much!!


Defense: Bold Sonya Kash Cyprian Li Xiu

Offense: Melandor Sonya Khagan Tibs Wu/Li Xiu

I think where you are at Wu can still work on offense. The farther you get along Wu will be mainly a titan hero.


that’s a good defence. I would just switch Li with Sonya to give Li more chance to fire


All of you think that Sonya is better than Grimm?

Grimm is squishy for defense. For offense you have Tiburtus so yes here as well.

Plus the debuff even though Mel has it on your offense too she hits hard.

Don’t get me wrong Grimm is great but especially on the defense side you need a hitter.

I think it is optimal depend on your rosters.
Alternative: Boldtusk - Sonya/Grimm - Kashhrek - Kiril - Li Xiu

Depend on opponent heroes color / skill, and also depend on Titan colors.
Wu defenetly good for titan.

Never think its a dumb question.
The only question that is dumb is the one not asked

My view on optimal defense when maxed

Grimm BT Kash Cyp Li

Having three buffers is probably asking for it, but I would have ascended Tibs before Cyprian but that’s just me.

Would prefer when full

Grimm BT Kash Li Tibs

For attacking, using one team only is a mistake. Stacking colours is very effective when raiding, and you should always choose attackers based on the victims in the defense. Facing Boril? Take Caedmon. Facing BT? Take Sonya. Facing Colen? Think about Rigard. And so on.

That way, you stand a much better chance of success

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