Team optimization Suggestion (or am I just unlucky?)

Hello everybody,

I’ve always had a lot of trouble in raids and I was wondering why that is. I’m not that new to the game but I think I lack some knowledge about optimization.

first of all here is my current team:

(Team 1: Power 3044)

I’ve never had enough luck to get a 5* hero so far. I am a C2P player btw, had VIP for a month and bought a few gems.

Recently I had extremely ■■■■ luck with Raids for some reason. I even lost to a guy with 2610 power…
So I am at a point where I think I must be doing something wrong.
I think I might be to defensive?

So I kinda wanna get some suggestions in from you all experienced players out there. what would you do with this roster?
Or am I just really just that unlucky?

Yes there is a advice for you. Your defence team cannot be also your attacking team. I always setting up my raid team for current opponent. For this you need have more than one good team and you will need time for it or stop upgrading only your main team and work for team 2-3. So advice is multiple colour of element against enemy middle player. For example if he have red middle tank take 2-3 blue players against him with 2 other colours But no those what doing less damage to frontal player.

Blue is strong against RED but weak against green
Green strong against blue but weak against red…

That is all

oh I see.
yeah I never really thought about that tbh. that probably includes troops and all that as well. Soooo you need an insane amount of heroes and resources and grind a lot.

thank you

Yes you must work on more than one team and it will take a lot of time. I have now 6 good teams also for wars. In the begining work on 3 and later add more. I sending you one link, of my old raid. I used there 2+2+1 colours. This will do double damage from tiles if you have 2 Heroes with thier colour. Of corse tiles with no heroes will do 1hp damage. But you must make numerous predominance soon as is possible and if you kill him 2-3 heroes fast then it is only time till you finnish him.

oh wow okay, I never knew you do double damage with one color. that’s kinda a game changer for me.
Like it blows my mind how in depth this game is. especially cause it’s a mobile game and you don’t really expect it at first.

thank you for the infos

Level Wu Kong and you will win a ton of raids

Not exactly a real “tactic”, but just have a weak defensive team and lose a ton of trophies. I also got irritated at raids pairing me with teams with 300- 500 team power more than my own and the rewards being… unsatisfactory. So I just made my defence team weak and now I win all the time. A cheap tactic, I know, but the rewards are pretty much the same- there are a lot of threads here about the quality of loot.

This game is really… polarizing to me. Usually, I don’t play games that rely heavily on RNG, but I like this one. And still after playing since last September I feel like I should be getting somewhere. Yet if I use my real team as a defence I’ll get murdered and I still can’t do the last levels of some quests. Progress just feels rea-a-ally slow- I get a new hero or ascend an old one only to immediately find out there is a tougher/ bigger opponent out there to squash me. For a “fantasy” game, it can get pretty serious and realistic at times.

So, in conclusion, make your defence team the level 1 green heroes, lose a ton of trophies and you’ll start winning all the time. Underhanded, cheap and probably immoral, but as I said, the loot is pretty much the same.

yeah I was expecting to hear that at some point. I was just wondering if he’s really any good, cause the accuracy drop seems kinda bad at first. but I saw teams take me out in a heartbeat cause of his special as well.

yeah I read about it and even though I’m thankful for the advice I will probably not do it. I don’t like the idea of being a cup dropper. I think it’s a better and fairer game for everyone if I just try my best. and even if I lose a lot I can easily keep my gold arena rank. so I’m really okay with that.

yeah man I can totally relate to that one. for some reason this slow progression makes it way nicer to actually achieve something. seeing your team(s) slowly getting stronger and acquiring new heroes is really satisfying imo.

and I can’t wait till I finally have my first 5* Hero

I’ve regularly beat teams around 3500 and up with Wu Kong. Usually my team is around 3000-3200 depending on how I’m color stacking. My advice is when you have a 4*, only level it to 3/60. Then start on another 4* if possible. By doing this, I’ve actually been able to have enough depth to color stack and field 5 serviceable teams for AW.

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